Yang Xiaodong, 25 years China

Gold in tournaments:
  • World Cyber Arena 2016
  • VPGame Pro League Season 2
  • H-Cup Season 7
  • i-league Season 2
  • G-League 2014
Silver in tournaments:
  • Dota 2 Professional League Season 2 — Top League
  • National Electronic Sports Tournament 2014
Bronze in tournaments:
  • Dota2 Professional League Season 5 — Top League
  • Pro Gamer League 2016 - Summer


Team player

Invictus Gaming

47.91% (252)
9.89% (52)
42.21% (222)

Total matches: 526


Yang Xiaodong, 25 years China

InJuly is a professional Chinese Dota 2 player. He started a while ago, joining DT^Club in September 2011, but wasn't able to appear at major tournaments. At the beginning of 22013 InJuly played for RisingStars for a bit before returning to DT^Club. In August 2014 LGD decided to try him out and signed him up for the main roster that was going through major changes at the time. The team won G-League 2014 and i-League Season 2, but failed at Dota 2 Asia Championships, placing 9th-12th. InJuly had to leave the team and joined Team DK where he was practically the most experienced player, as the organisation bet on young players without professional experience. Not achieving anything, the team was disbanded in April 2015. After playing for Wings Gaming for a while but not reaching TI5, in September 2015 InJuly joined Team FanTuan that was built around the veteran ZSMJ, but once he again he was unlucky. On March 18, 2016 Yang left for iG Vitality Xiaodong usually plays Offlane. His signature heroes are Batrider, Centaur Warrunner and Dark Seer.

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