Also known as: Moon
David Tan, 26 years Canada

Gold in tournaments:
  • DreamLeague Season 10
  • Southeast Asia Cyber Arena 2018 Finals
  • WESG 2017 North America
  • DreamLeague Season 7. NA Division
  • ESL One Genting 2017
  • ESL One Frankfurt 2016
  • The Manila Major 2016
  • DreamLeague Season 5
  • The Frankfurt Major 2015
  • ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 4
Silver in tournaments:
  • The Perfect World Masters North America Qualifier
  • DreamLeague Season 7
  • Galaxy Battles
  • The Summit 5. LAN Finals
  • The Defense 5
Bronze in tournaments:
  • PGL Open Bucharest 2017. North America Qualifier
  • 2016 China Top. Dota 2
  • EPICENTER: Moscow
  • MarsTV Dota 2 League Winter
  • Dota 2 Champions League Season 6
  • MLG World Finals


Team player


55.34% (197)
6.74% (24)
37.92% (135)

Total matches: 356


Also known as: Moon
David Tan, 26 years Canada

MoonMeander is a professional Dota 2 player from Canada. MoonMeander had started to play professionally since Heroes of Newerth where he achieved great results. In August 2014 his team StayGreen had signed a contract with compLexity Gaming and started to play competitively Dota 2. His first steps were the hardest. Even at weak American region his team didn’t look promising. In January 2015 David temporary had left the team but came back before TI5. To everyone surprise, compLexity played better than were expected and took 9-12 place. After the tournament MoonMeander had joined European mix Monkey Business that later was renamed into OG. In November the team celebrated their first victory at the Frankfurt Major 2015. He is considered to be the most aggressive offlaner. David has been known for his play at Earthshaker, Nature's Prophet and Dark Seer.

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