Clement Ivanov, 29 years Estonia

Gold in tournaments:
  • ESL One Katowice 2019
  • The Chongqing Major
  • ESL One Hamburg 2018
  • PVP Esports Championship
  • DreamLeague Season 9
  • Captains Draft 4.0
  • DreamLeague Season 8
  • ESL One Hamburg 2017 Europe Qualifier
  • StarLadder i-League Invitational #3: Europe Qualifier
  • PGL Open Bucharest 2017. Europe Qualifier
  • DreamLeague Season 7 EU Division
  • ROG MASTERS 2016
  • FACEIT Invitational
  • The Shanghai Major 2016
  • MLG World Finals
  • Nanyang Championships
  • MarsTV Dota 2 League Spring
  • Red Bull Battle Grounds
  • ESL One Frankfurt 2015
  • The Summit 3
  • XMG Captains Draft 2.0
  • Dota Pit League Season 2
  • Dota 2 Champions League Season 2
  • SLTV StarSeries VIII
  • ASUS ROG DreamLeague Kick-Off Season
Silver in tournaments:
  • The Kuala Lumpur Major
  • ESL One Hamburg 2017
  • DOTA Summit 7
  • SL i-League Season 2. LAN Finals
  • The Frankfurt Major 2015
  • ESL One New York 2015
  • SLTV StarSeries X LAN Finals
  • D2L Western Challenge
  • XMG Captains Draft Invitational
Bronze in tournaments:
  • GESC: Thailand Minor
  • ESL One Genting 2018
  • SL i-League Invitational Season 3
  • EPICENTER: Moscow 2017
  • Dota 2 Asia Championships
  • The Summit 2
  • MLG Championship
  • RaidCall EMS One Fall Season


Team player

Team Secret

65.40% (463)
6.36% (45)
28.25% (200)

Total matches: 708


Clement Ivanov, 29 years Estonia

Clement is one of the strongest captain and analytic at Dota 2 scene. His career started in 2007 when he was a famous pub player in the team XsK and gained respect of all professional players by taking the 3rd place at ESL Major Series. His tandem with Kuroky in Kingsurf.int. was one of the most remarkable in Dota history. Clement was an experienced player that every team desired to get. The ukranian team Natus Vincere was the lucky one. Preparing for the first International Na’Vi had enticed the strongest CIS’ players. On 17th of June Clement changed his colors to black and yellow and in August Na’Vi won the first place in the International 2011. After ArtStyle’s leaving, Puppey took the captain slot. Undoubtedly the period of 2011-2014 can be called “The Puppey’s Era” in Na’Vi. Before 2012 his team knew no match. In February 2013 Puppey invited his old friend Kuroky. The number of won titles gained at the major tournaments exceeded the dozen – seven-times StarLadder champions, two-timed vice champions of the International and the winners of the majority online tournaments. Though not everything in the team went with a run but Puppey’s willpower allowed to summon all strength at the right moment and show a good and eye-catching Dota. In the beginning of 2014 the team’s spirit started to burn away. After winning the StarLadder Star Series Season 8 the team couldn’t take any LAN. The criticism to Puppey’s side became more frequent. In TI4 the team for the first time couldn’t make it to finale and took the 7-8 place. After that Puppey and Kuroky had left the team and gathered their own all-star mix Team Secret. The new Puppey’s team takes leadership in Europe and in the rest of the world but the team wins their first Premium tournament only on May 2015 at The Summit 3 after changes in roster. After this follows wins in MDL 2015 Spring and ESL One Frankfurt 2015. The Team Secret starts their performances at the International 2015 as public favorites but the conflict inside of the team has already started to grow. After their first loss at the playoff, the opponents realized that Team Secret can be defeated which was proven by team Virtus.pro that knocked them out in the sensational match. In that International Team Secret took only 7-8 place. After TI5 Puppey completely changes the roster which is not an all-star as the previous one but Clement again proves his genius captain’s abilities – during the fall 2015 Team Secret has taken two major tournaments. Puppey is a talented captain and a good jungler player. His signature heroes are Chen, Enchantress and Enigma. Not once his individual decisions at the game and inside of team get criticized. Besides Puppey is very skeptical to all cybersports organizations.


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