Su Pen, 29 years China

Gold in tournaments:
  • ProDotA Cup China #2
  • World Cyber Arena 2016
  • VPGame Pro League Season 2
  • H-Cup Season 7
Silver in tournaments:
  • Dota 2 Professional League Season 2 — Top League
Bronze in tournaments:
  • Dota2 Professional League Season 5 — Top League
  • Pro Gamer League 2016 - Summer
  • ECL Autumn 2015


Team player

iG Vitality

44.85% (248)
11.03% (61)
44.12% (244)

Total matches: 553


Su Pen, 29 years China

super is a professional Dota 2 player from China, currently playing for iG Vitality (Not to be confused with Xie "Super" Junhao, currently playing for CDEC Gaming!). super's career began in 2012, when he was signed by DT^Club. He spent the second half of the season 2012-2013 playing for Rising Stars. There he became famous as capable Support player. The team, however, failed to qualify for The International 3, and super returned to DT^Club. In 2014–15 he played for LAI Gaming, Team DK and Wings Gaming. In September 2015 he found a new home, when Invictus Gaming offered him a position in their Dota 2 roster. The team was facing multiple troubles, and super was promoted to captain. They managed to qualify for The Frankfurt Major 2015, but super was unable to attend due to visa issues. iG failed to qualify for The Shanghai Major, and, following the catastrophic performance of Chinese teams at Shanghai Major, he was moved to iG Vitality. super's signature heroes are Io, Visage and Chen.

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