9pasha tackles fan questions: "I tried out many jobs: from a barman to a simple factory worker"

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9pasha tackles fan questions: "I tried out many jobs: from a barman to a simple factory worker"
Photo by: ESL

Virtus.pro's fearsome offlane player — Pavel "9pasha" Khvastunov — answered a few community questions after his return from China's Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018, sharing the origin of his nickname among other things on the official Virtus.pro site.

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What was your favorite type of activity in the army and what was the one you hated?
I liked doing guard duty. Out of everything we were doing, doing guard duty looked like the most army-like activity. I utterly hated pearl barley. Let’s call it an activity too.

What was your job before your professional career in Dota 2?
I tried out many jobs: from a club administrator, an office worker, a bartender, to a simple factory worker

What was the craziest offer you received from a fan?
The craziest one was to sign one’s passport. I hope that dude didn’t have any problems after that!

Do you have any interest in a creation, something of your own? What would you create?
Considering how busy I am, the maximum I would create would be a teleport. Send any suggestions about making a teleport to my public fan group, thank you!

What was the most dangerous event in your life?
At one point I was almost crushed by a roof of an abandoned house. The slab fell a millimeter away from me. I guess Omniknight used his ulti on time.

Dumplings with mayonnaise and ketchup?
The way I see it, dumplings, ketchup, and mayonnaise do not mix well. Though, mayonnaise separately perfectly complements the dumplings and makes them taste divine!

Why did you shorten your nickname?
Initially, my nickname's evolution looked kind of like this: Pshka, Serious Sam, Serious Pashka. As you can tell, they were made while I was in middle school. My final iteration of was =SeriouS=, and I played a ton of matches with it. I had to change it after the creation of the ICCUP platform since some very bad person took my nickname.

We spent quite a long time at the PC club coming up with my nickname for ICCUP. At one point, I went outside with the guys, at which time my friend used my PC to register me as 9pashaebashu [roughly translated as "9pasha fucks shit up" — Ed.]. He said it encompassed myself and my manner of play the best. The ending got stuck for a long time, until the bad guy of this story, Virtus.pro, didn’t crash in and told me to remove such a favorite ending of my nickname. The end!

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