What are Items in Artifact — and how do they work?

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What are Items in Artifact — and how do they work?

Items are a unique card type in Artifact. They are purchased with earned gold in the shopping phase, and are immediately added to your hand. Unlike the other cards, items do not require a hero of a matching color present in a lane in order to be played - items can be played on any hero card of any color.

Aside from consumables (explained below), there are three main categories of items: equipment. These are weapons, armor and accessories, which affect attack, armor and health, respectively. Each hero card can carry one of each equipment type at the time. Once you play an item on a hero that’s already carrying an item of the same equipment type, the old item is destroyed and the new item takes its place.


In the item shop there are three sections you can purchase an item from:

— The left item is always an item from the Secret Shop. These are powerful items at usually come at a high cost. However, items in this section appear in a random order, so the chance you get an item of your desire is low.

— The middle item is always an item you have added to your deck when you created it. These too appear in a random order. Important to note is that this section can be emptied; once you’ve bought all the items you put in your deck, no new items will appear here.

— The right item is always a consumable. These are items that can be used once (like spells) and have functions like healing a unit, drawing a card or retrieving a hero to the fountain.

One item that’s been revealed isn’t a consumable, weapon, armor or accessory. Rather, it’s a permanent effect:


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