ArtStyle at TI7: "It was Chronosphere that killed us"

ArtStyle at TI7: "It was Chronosphere that killed us"

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Even though they ventured farther than any other western team so far, could not overcome the monstrous opposition of TI favorites LFY. Despite strong early game presense, the bears fell, down to the lower bracket. Team Liquid or Empire will be next, and both of those are opponents you wouldn't want to face ordinarily. 

Right after the match, we caught up with VP coach ArtStyle to see what went wrong in those games.

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In Game 1, you drafted a lot of team fight and LFY went for surprise stuff into last pick, Tidehunter, a hero outside of Inflame’s standard hero pool. How did you decide you had to adapt and changed the plan?

In fact, we countered Tidehunter with Ursa, had a great lane assignment and were supposed to pressure him further down the line, Ursa should’ve killed him much more times. What we did wrong was leaving Morphling alone. If we played around it properly, and everything would’ve been much better. Tidehunter didn’t matter. Also, we had a few bad fights while our character had low levels.

What do you tell VP between the games?

In fact, we just remind ourselves our hero pool and the way we prepared for particular team. As a rule, people get nervous and come up with something odd, even though things are much easier. All it takes is following our plan and not losing the track of it during the game.

And what went wrong during Game 2?

We had an unusual draft and we made a few mistakes going high ground. We had everything to close out the game but Void didn’t allow us to do that. We didn’t manage Sand King’s abilities and Necrolyte’s ulti the proper way so could not avoid the Chronosphere. It was Chrono that killed us.

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