Astralis overcome MIBR to win BLAST Pro Series: Istanbul

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Astralis overcome MIBR to win BLAST Pro Series: Istanbul
Photo by: BLAST Pro Series

As expected, Astralis fought their way into the grand final of the BLAST Pro Series — Istanbul 2018 with ease, but the grand final was a test. Meeting the Danish squad in the final series of the tournament was MIBR under the guidance of Janko "YNk" Paunović. Unfortunately for the Brazilian-American hybrid, the FACEIT Major winners were simply too strong to be toppled.

Astralis went into the grand final with a 5:0:0 record, not losing a single match to the competition. MIBR, on the other hand, finished 3:1:1 with their only loss coming from — you guessed it — Astralis.

The first map of the grand final was Train, which is supposed to be one of Astralis' weaker maps, but they displayed an unforgiving amount of dominance. Resident AWPer Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz racked up a mighty 20 kills in only six rounds, which caused massive problems for their opponents moving forward. The Danes' ended their CT side 13:2, and closed things out on their T side with a 3:1 scoreline.

The second map of choice was Overpass, and MIBR started things with a win in the pistol round on their CT side. This wasn't enough to stop the world's best team from making things happen though, as the half finished 10:5 in their favour. MIBR's T side was splendid, they managed to claw things back with solid teamwork and plenty of aggression — taking the map 16:14.

The third and final map was Inferno, and the first half was a back and forth affair. The solid team play from Astralis couldn't hold MIBR back from grabbing 7 rounds, but the Danes held a small lead with 8 rounds. In Astralis' T side, they weren't able to string things together like they've done in the past — things levelled up at 13:13. In the end, Astralis proved too efficient and clinical when it mattered most, winning 16:14 to claim yet another championship.

If you missed the action, you can catch up through our event hub!

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