C9 secure group spot, despite shakey second game

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C9 secure group spot, despite shakey second game

The first of the 2017 World Championship knockout games are over, and while we should never say that the result of a game is given, it is nevertheless safe to say that the overall results came as no surprise. In the first and third games, Cloud9 did't take on, they took out Rainbow7. The second didn't look like it should ever have gone to C9, but LYN failed to capitalise on a game they confidently controlled for over 40 minutes.

Game 1

Lyon Gaming run a bit of a pick comp with Sejuani and Camille, hoping to lock and dive C9's backline, and the early game sees a hint of the aggression they're hoping to bring when Sebastian "Oddie" Niño goes for an early gank top, setting Daniel "Jirall" del Castillo up for a lead. LYN are used to bullying their lanes in their regions, but they're facing bigger resistance here, meaning they have to work for their snowballs. The gank is perfectly executed, with Jirall showing off some clutch flash action on the Camille engage.

It starts out promising, but C9 quickly swing back, and even with the early lead, this is the last time Camille bullies Impact's Gnar, for the rest of the game. C9 correctly identify Seiya as the motor behind LYN's pressure, and astonishing jungle control from Contractz means that Syndra doesn't get a blue buff for the entire game. Keeping her in check means Orianna can bully her out of lane hard, and apply pressure mid, while Sneaky and Smoothie apply the hurt bot. This double focus stretches Oddie thin, and the entire game generally just shows that C9 are better at playing the entire map, slowly choking out LYN.

A bad teamfight sees C9 transition from kills to Baron, and they eventually close out the game, without much challenge.

Game 2

LYN bounce back in game two with newly added focus. With an aggressive early invade, they deny Contractz his early momentum and impact, by stealing away his jungle, and buffs. From here, they keep pressure on all lanes, not giving C9 any clear gank paths. When they see one top, they rush it, but the eagerness for a gank leads to a terrible misplay from Impact, and sees him dying despite being 2v1.

It's symptomatic for the game, where LYN are doing everything right, and C9 keep getting collapsed on. To C9's credit though, they never buckle. They're on the defensive, with laners trying not to push past mid, instead slowly playing the waiting game.

LYN are rotating from kills to towers, to Dragons, and are showing a level of macro way above their previous game, while C9 are getting caught out for their lack of vision. Despite all this, C9 are taking a few towers, and are only 1k behind LYN, at 25 min. LYN's momentum is slowing down, and C9 haven't been put in a spot yet, where they're in danger of losing, despite being on the defensive all game. And that's the problem with this game. LYN are in the drivers seat for 40 minutes only to mess up a teamfight near Elder drake that keeps C9 in the game. Every chance LYN has, C9 seems to trip up.

Later, despite their base being kicked in, C9 manage to steal Baron, but have to retreat to their base, as minions are ripping it up. The resulting fight, yet again, leaves LYN too crippled to capitalise on it.

The Elder and Baron situation don't just happen once either. They play out thrice. Through all this, C9's base is wide open, and yet LYN can't close it out. C9, on the other hand, uses every objective claim to beat down more towers until they can make the final push for Nexus.

LYN should have had this game, and at several moments it looked like they would take a win in a teamfight, and close the game. But the fights kept coming up even. Even when they grab a Baron, they were too hurt in turn to use it for anything, and ultimately, it was on LYN to play perfect League, in order to win. All C9 had to do, was wait for a mistake, and it does reveal just how big the gap between the two teams is.

Game 3

The last game goes as you'd expect a game would go, if you had the win just within reach, only to lose it. LYN are completely deflated going into this, and C9, while not dominating them in kills early on, are building a controlled lead all over the map that LYN are powerless to stop. All lanes pushing in, all fights ending with LYN's defeat, the game seems decided way before the first blood even falls. LYN never find their footing, and C9 close out the game without much trouble.

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