Schalke 04 dropping most of the roster

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Schalke 04 dropping most of the roster

UPDATE: Initially this article was just about Caedrel, but since then MementoSmittyJ and  Norskeren have proclaimed that they're free agents and Upset stated that he has an announcement tonight, so it's safe to assume he either has a new team already, or a new Schalke 04 will be built around him.

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In a bit of a surprise news blast, Caedrel, the mid laner for FC Schalke 04 Esports and one of the driving factors behind the team's admittance into the LCS, just let the world know that his contract has come to and end, and that he's looking for a new team.

He's the second player to publicise his new status as a pending free agent this week, the other being Vander from Vitality. Caedrel looked extremely promising in their promotion tournament, so it's always curious why a team would rid themselves of some of their driving talents, but we also know offseason is when the roster tweaks and changes happen, so the timing itself is not so strange.

Caedrel sported an impressive track record from the League Challenger Series and earned a reputation as a formidable mid-laner during promotions. Where he's heading after this, is unknown, but with regional changes coming to the EU LCS, it would be surprising to say the least, if no teams eyed their chance to pick up the mid-laner on the rise, to boost their position.

Hot on the heels of Caedrel, Memento and SmittyJ both reveal that they're also free agents.

Meanwhile, Upset has some slightly different news to share, suggesting that a new Shalcke 04 team will be built around him.

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