China locks a real dream team for 2017 All-Star

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China locks a real dream team for 2017 All-Star
Photo by: Riot Games

On Nov. 12, the voting period for the LPL dream team have officially ended. After five days of voting, Ke "957" Chang-yu, Liu "Mlxg" Shi-yu, Su "xiye" Han-wei, Jian "Uzi" Zi-Hao and Tian "Meiko" Ye have been selected to represent the LPL region in the upcoming 2017 All-Star event.

All-Star will be held in the NA LCS Studio in West Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 7-10 and this year’s event will not have the entertainment-orientated approach like previous years. Instead, the dream teams of the top eight regional leagues will battle it out against each other. 

The voting for the LPL dream team started on Nov. 7, and within a day, 957, Mlxg, Uzi and Meiko received more than 50% of the votes in their respective roles, putting themselves in an extremely favorable position.

As for the mid position, Song "RooKie" Eui-Jin and Xiye were evenly matched, with the votes for both players hovering around 36 percent (in third place is Li "xiaohu" Yuan-Hao who has around 16 percent). Within the five days of voting, both Rookie and Xiye exchanged places multiple times. After so many years of voting for the dream team, this is the first ever time where a contest between two players has actually reached a stalemate situation.

When the votes came to a conclusion, Xiye was able to inch out a victory with 37.09 percent over Rookie's with 36.24, barely making it into the LPL dream team, thus completing the dream team.

Starting from the top lane, 957 played a huge part for Team WE's championship in the 2017 LPL Spring Split. Apart from that, he also had amazing performances throughout all the biggest international LANs of the year such as MSI, Rift Rivals, Worlds. Jarven IV, Cho’Gath, Shen, Kled and Gnar are his signature champions.

After many years of growth and improving, Mlxg has defeated many opponents with his unique playstyle which has caught the attention and approval of players all around the world. Taking a more active approach in the jungle and coupled with his wide range of champion pool, he is always able to disrupt the tempo of his opponents, allowing RNG to capitalize on it and be one step closer to victory.

Mlxg was instrumental to RNG's semifinal finish at Worlds. Photo by: Riot Games
Mlxg was instrumental to RNG's semifinal finish at Worlds. Photo by: Riot Games

Xiye’s performance throughout 2017 has been remarkable. During the 2017 LPL Spring Split, his Syndra was impeccable throughout which helped his team secure the championship. Ever since Rift Rivals, Heimerdinger and Galio became his signature champions. His incredible mechanics in the mid lane and his awareness of knowing when to help his side lanes have pushed his team into top 4 at the 2017 World Championship.

Uzi is one of the most famous ADC carries known in the scene and also a benchmark for many to look up to in the LPL region. Since his debut on the international stage in 2013, he is a two-time Worlds runner-up and will be attending the All-Star event for the third time. Throughout this whole time, he has never once disappoint his fans with his performance. It is also worth noting that he is the defending champion for the All-Star Event 1v1 Solo Championship.

Meiko’s macro game sense as well as his calm and stable mentality are crucial in him being the brain of the team. It was this very trait of his that allowed EDward Gaming to make their comeback during the grand finals of 2017 LPL Summer, securing his fifth league championship. In addition, he is a very capable and solid support star player.

Not only has the roster of the LPL dream team been finalized, the LPL players themselves have also voted for the coach of the dream team during the 2017 World Championship. It is none other than RNG’s former main coach, Firefox.

Apart from guiding the LPL dream team as their coach, Firefox is also responsible for selecting two of the players from the dream team to participate in the All-Star Event 1v1 Solo Championship. Moreover, this year’s All-Star will be utilizing a draft system for the groupings (similar to the ballot rules of the LPL Summer season). As LPL’s coach, Firefox will also be responsible for the balloting of groups.

Apart from Uzi who is attending the All-Star event for his third time, the remaining four members are All-Star freshmen.

original article by: Dadianjing

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