CN analyst Jophy at TI7: "LFY are the best CN team remaining, Newbee can't win"
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CN analyst Jophy at TI7: "LFY are the best CN team remaining, Newbee can't win"

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Although western fans naturally only see the English broadcast of The International, there are obviously other desks and analysts which reach to a much larger audience. This year, the Chinese panel features one Chen "Jophy" Ya, a.k.a. YaYa—a caster for Newbee and one of the analysts on the Chinese desk. 

Jophy, who started watching Dota 2 only a few years ago, took time off her busy schedule at TI7 to talk to us about getting into the esports world and which Chinese team at TI does she think is the strongest.

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Jophy, have long have you been playing Dota?
Three years, I think, maybe four. 

That's a short amount of time, and you're now here working at The International. How did you decide to get into this esport? Did you watch others and decided this is the one you want to do?
Dota 2 was the first MOBA I liked. The first time was when my coworker -- he is pretty well known, his name is Hai Tao -- he brought me to play Dota with him and through that I started to appreciate the game a lot more. 

I also saw there are other opportunities in this field, related to the game and esports. 

Is the Chinese community scene different compared to the west, is there a different culture surrounding it? How do the forums react to a patch or something new happening in the game?
I think the major difference is that on reddit you will see a lot of interaction directly between players or people working in the scene and the fans. This is something you something less on the Chinese forums. I think the players tend to keep more to themselves, have their own space. 

On Chinese forums it's more like fans interacting with fans. 

LFY and LGD look like the strongest CN teams coming into the main event, Newbee and iG looked kind of weak. At this point, though, three of the four Chinese teams in the upper bracket have won and the other teams seems to have adopted to LGD's and LFY's styles. Is that what you think happened?
Maybe because they lost previous events, foreign teams might not think highly of some of the CN teams, but as far the environment in China we consider ourselves to be the center of the Dota world.

You hear about that CN vs the World, we very much find this to be the case. Obviously, there are strong foreign teams and they do well but we think that we can beat anyone else out there. 

Is LGD going to make it four for four against VP in the Upper Bracket?
I think LGD will beat VP because VP's condition doesn't seem to be as good as it was around the time of The Summit. 

Who of the Chinese teams remaining you think is the best?
LFY. Newbee can't win against LFY, they are so strong. 

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