Doublelift on his competitive drive bringing him back to TSM

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Doublelift on his competitive drive bringing him back to TSM

After spending the spring split streaming, Yiliang "DoubleLift" Peng is back in the NA LCS with Team Solomid. Toward the end of the last split Doublelift had a taste of the LCS stage again after spending a short period with Team Liquid to keep them out of relegations. Now that he's back, Doublelift is amped up and ready for the big stage. Just like old times, he won't settle for anything less than number one.

"The motivation of the team is pretty high," Doublelift told ESPN following his club's victory last Sunday against archrival Counter Logic Gaming. "The feeling of being [back on TSM] is just really, really nice."

Doublelift initially left the LCS to take a break and pursue streaming and connecting with his fans. The break helped to keep him from burning out. While, he enjoyed his time streaming on Twitch, he was itching to get back on the big stage with TSM. The worst of it came when he had to watch from home as TSM struggled in the Mid-Season Invitational. TSM ended up throwing their lead versus the European region's G2 Esports and failed to make it out of the group stages.

Watching his teammates fail on the international stage was enough to make Doublelift want to come back and restore TSM to the team's dominant summer split form. It was enough to pry him away from his lucrative streaming career to go back to the extreme highs and lows of professional League of Legends.

To further drive his competitive itch, Doublelift has the opportunity to shut down the critics as he competes against the best marksmen of EU at Rift Rivals.

"I hope it can be my chance to get people to stop talking s--- about my international performance," he said. "Which, in my opinion, has only been bad at [last year's] Worlds. I hope to dispel the idea that I'm not a good player internationally. Me and Zven get a lot of comparisons, [because] we both have similar champion pools, we like taking resources, and generally, our teams play to bot lane a lot. I'm just interested, I actually haven't played against him a lot. I'm just curious how we matchup because I think me and Biofrost's laning is really, really good."

Doublelift's return is a welcome site to the NA LCS. I think the past few international showings have left the world continually second guessing the strength of the NA region. With one of NA's most competitive players back in the league, I hope to see more heated competition at the top of the standings this season. Maybe this will be the year that North America makes its run in the World Championships.

source: ESPN Esports
source header image: Riot Games

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