DreamHack comment on IMT forfeit fiasco

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DreamHack comment on IMT forfeit fiasco
Adela Sznajder | Dreamhack

Immortals made history in the worst way yesterday at DreamHack Montreal.

After three players -- Vito "kNg" GiuseppeHenrique "HEN1" Teles, and Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles -- showed up late to the grand final (the players claim they were napping between matches), DreamHack ruled their first map against North a forfeiture. Immortals lost the second map 16-9, giving North the shortest 2-0 championship win ever, and making Immortals the first team to forfeit a grand-final map in CSGO history.

DreamHack issued a statement today on the ruling, which also offers an official timeline of what transpired:

"The grand final of DreamHack ASTRO Open in Montreal was scheduled to start at 3:30PM local time, following the conclusion of the second semi final between North and Cloud9.

"Following the first semi final, in which Immortals won against CLG, the team was informed that the grand final would be scheduled to start one hour after the second semi final had concluded, as a part of the accelerated scheduled which the entire tournament has been running on, communicated to all attending teams ahead of time.

Once the semi final concluded, Immortals were informed that they should now setup on stage for the final. At 3:05PM, Immortals had only two of its players present and ready.

"Immortals was informed that if they were not ready by 3:45PM - 15 minutes after scheduled start time - then they would forfeit the first map, in accordance with our rulebook.

"Immortals were not ready by 3:45PM and as a result forfeited the first map against North. Immortals were given an additional 15 minutes to be ready, otherwise they were subject to forfeit the entire match, as per our rulebook. Per 3:56PM the match was live.

DreamHack did not comment on kNg's death threats issued to CLG captain Pujan "FNS" Mehta or the rumors that they had been partying the night before.

LUCAS1 offered an explanation on Facebook, that the team was jetlagged and slept through their nap alarm between matches, but it does not corroborate with kNg's story that the team was on time but DreamHack issued a forfeit to spite them.

source: open.dreamhack.com

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