DreamHack secure Monster partnership extension

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DreamHack secure Monster partnership extension
Photo by DreamHack | Abraham Engelmark

Digital festival giants DreamHack have announced an extension of their global partnership with Monster Energy through to 2019.

The deal will see Monster Energy fill the role of 'Global Strategic Partner' in both 2018 and 2019, as the company enters an agreement to sponsor all DreamHack's festivals and major esports tournaments during that time.

Cooperation between the two famous brands was born in 2014, when the pair opened the Monster Energy DreamHack Studios in Stockholm, before partnering up for the DreamHack Open. Fast forward to 2016, and Monster was alongside DreamHack when they organised their first events on North American shores. Now, the Swedish events and production company is eyeing an expansion on an unnamed third continent in 2019, with Monster Energy as a founding partner. It seems likely that this mysterious destination could be the continent of Asia, where the esports fan base is of astronomical size, but it would also be unsurprising to see DreamHack events open in South America. Only time will tell.

In the interim, DreamHack have already confirmed that in 2018 Monster will act as the main sponsor for the DreamHack Open, the CORSAIR DreamHack Masters, and the CORSAIR DreamLeague, as well as every festival the company runs. They will also continue their title sponsorship of the Monster Energy DreamHack Studios.

"We’re excited but also very proud to team up with Monster Energy for the coming two years," said DreamHack's CEO, Marcus Lindmark. "They have been supporting DreamHack for the last 4 years and we’re very excited to now plan even greater things for the future."

Meanwhile, Matthew Simpson, Director of Gaming and Esports for Monster Energy, pointed towards the event company's human touch in making all the difference. "Four years ago when we first started looking for an event to sponsor, DreamHack was at the top of a very short list of Tier 1 event organizers," he said.

"DreamHack checked off all of the boxes we were looking for but their staff and support were the deciding factors for extending our partnership into a global multi-year deal."

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