EDward Gaming qualify for 2018 World Championship quarterfinals, Team Liquid eliminated

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EDward Gaming qualify for 2018 World Championship quarterfinals, Team Liquid eliminated
Image by Riot Games

EDward Gaming secured their ticket to the 2018 League of Legends World Championship quarterfinals following their victory against KT Rolster in Group C on Day 7 (Oct. 16). Their victory eliminates Team Liquid from contending for a bracket stage spot.

Team Liquid (2:3 at the time of writing) needed KT Rolster (4:0 before facing EDG) to beat the Chinese team (3:1 before the match) to potentially contend for a playoff spot. However, EDG are out of reach of Team Liquid, who they play shortly after beating KT.

The two teams picked team fight centric compositions, leaving the victory up to 5v5 execution down the stretch should neither team secure significant leads to secure the game through brute force. On the blue side, EDward Gaming chose Urgot, Xin Zhao, Akali, Kai’Sa and Rakan, providing means of engagement and disengagement, front line shredding, front line burst, and strong back line damage. On the red side, KT Rolster selected Sion, Kindred, Swain, Xayah and Thresh in a straightforward deathball.

KT’s Score and Smeb (through Teleport) initially secured a lead in the bot lane in a counter gank in the bot lane at the 5-minute mark — a lead they amplified in a 3-for-2 exchange in an extended Dragon team fight at 8:30. However, EDward Gaming caught up through skirmishing and remained even throughout, despite KT’s best efforts at securing bigger leads.

A team fight at Minute 19 (a 3-for-2 into Dragon takedown) showed how KT Rolster could win the game: with Score deploying Kindred’s Last Breath (ultimate) in reaction to a Rakan ultimate and to Scout’s (Akali) damage, the backline was safe to fire away, and UcaL’s Swain dealt significant damage.

However, the strategy relied on Kindred’s safety, and EDG exploited that as they annihilated Score before he could cast it (through an abundance of Crowd Control effects) at the 27:30 mark, a matter that led to a 4:1 exchange and Baron Nashor. To Team Liquid’s chagrin, the situation repeated itself in further team fights (with Ray's Urgot particularly decisive in those) as they turned into 5v4 encounters before they had truly started.

Despite their elimination, Team Liquid pridefully bested EDG in their last match of the tournament, potentially helping KT Rolster secure first place without the need for a tiebreaker. Team Liquid’s team fighting composition was more balanced in terms of crowd control (Sion’s abilities and Olleh’s Rakan ultimates hitting the mark), allowing Doublelift and Pobelter to fire at will. That time around, Ray’s Urgot had turned into a nonfactor, as Team Liquid specifically delayed his development, and EDward Gaming were unable to fight back — with their base falling at the 34-minute mark.

KT Rolster have a chance to grab Group A’s first seed uncontested, and they face MAD Team to that effect. Tune in on the Worlds hub to find out if they succeed!

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