If you have Epilepsy, steer clear of Odyssey (for now)

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If you have Epilepsy, steer clear of Odyssey (for now)
Image by League of Legends

League of Legends's newest game mode, Odyssey, is reportedly causing seizures in players who suffer from Epilepsy.

PvE mode Odyssey hits the Live Servers
PvE mode Odyssey hits the Live Servers
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The news was brought to light on the League of Legends subreddit earlier today following the release of Odyssey yesterday. A user with the Epilepsy condition — the fourth most common neurological disorder, which causes unpredictable seizures and other health problems — took to the forum to warn fellow players from trying out the mode in its current state.

The user, Mivon92, described his own experience as he urged caution for fellow sufferers, and recommended playing in a bright area or even avoiding the game mode altogether:

Hey all. I just wanted to get everyone a head's up that, during the game and the ending, there's the possibility of an epileptic seizure getting triggered. If you have epilepsy, like me, you may want to avoid the game mode or play in a bright area. I've let support know about it and they said they'll do what they need to.

Stay classy and have a good time!

Update: It did cause a seizure so please, please, please spread the word and be cautious.

The post sparked a response from Riot's League of Legends Communications Lead, Ryan "Cactopus" Rigney, who reiterated that the team was looking into the issue with urgency.

We take this sort of thing extremely seriously. OP, one of us is going to be reaching out to you privately to get more info.

Odyssey is a mode full of fireworks (part of the job with Jinx and Ziggs, really), intriguing fauna, remixed Summoner Spells (with Flash turning into Warp, granting invulnerability), and intriguing character optimizations. Said optimizations can be collected over time through the accumulation of the Ora resource.

The troublesome part of Odyssey would appear to be the final boss fight with Kayn towards the end of a run-through of the map. The mode's version of Kayn is a gigantic NPC, which fires out a rapid sequence of abilities taking up large sections of the screen. Additionally, multiple explosions take place across huge swathes of the map, causing a ton of visual noise that may be at to blame for the seizures.

The game mode is available from Sep. 11 until Oct. 10, ensuring that Riot has plenty of time to ensure an Epilepsy-safe option is integrated before the end of the event.

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