No surprises: FACEIT Major New Legends day 2 results
Photo by: FACEIT | Joe Stephens

No surprises: FACEIT Major New Legends day 2 results

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Day two of the New Legends stage of the FACEIT Major — London 2018 has concluded, with all match-ups going the way they were "supposed" to go. The favourites for the respective match-ups ended up taking the series, meanwhile those who were considered underdogs conceded their series.

Catch up with what happened by reading our brief recaps:

567562e7ea4207ae8c61cb1295ba11d7.png?m=51e08630fec1fc186e7c2e4f5127e2da BIG 1:0 TyLoo 9fe881b8f7bebdc4ab8bb8563fe5fde1.png?m=9a310c658ae055d9295b479473287e05 - Train 16:7 (13:2, 3:5)

TyLoo finally met their match, as BIG were able to defeat the Chinese side with a convincing score line. The German majority roster kicked off to an incredible CT performance, fending off the Chinese offense 13:2. The latter half saw a solid start from TyLoo, where the team was able to cop the pistol plus four, however with a massive leave, BIG clawed three consecutive rounds to close the series at 16:7.

3cdc05c0199726df89e8b7fa0504e552.png?m=9a4d932d14232f35e2286639493a1157 Winstrike Team 0:1 Fnatic f04711c435a411faa83b75c33eb81e50.png?m=bc95758483090a7d39a2f94142028370 - Inferno 7:16 (7:8, 0:8)

A comprehensive victory for the Swedes, as the heavy underdogs fell on Inferno. Fnatic kicked off on the defence, where they managed the pistol round in addition to three further rounds. A back-and-forth ensued, where the teams alternated between triple round strings, leading to a slight 8:7 lead for Fnatic come half time. Contrary to the CT side, Fnatic's offense saw absolute domination, where the team slammed eight consecutive rounds, closing the series 16:7.

 a27ee8b7be19861a055ec55f891df6e5.png?m=d5cdc8c0f447650aab72eb8cb75495be Vega Squadron 0:1 Astralis 8b4a62225da2e6600ec901a677797164.png?m=752052be564b50ec59db6f5cd9b48424 - Inferno 4:16 (4:11, 0:5)

The sharks were unable to score an upset against the current #1, propelling Astralis to the 2:0 bracket. The initial half proved to be a monumental part of the Danes' success, as after conceding the pistol and ensuing two rounds, they were able to absolutely dominate the defence. Only a single additional round was secured by Vega, leading to an 11:4 half for Astralis. As for the T side, Astralis made it a quick one by dashing away with five consecutive rounds, closing the series at 16:4.

3d89641c4a3eed7e1cc522ae700f4785.png?m=9e5adc1088e3cb23f7a60565e74892df Cloud9 0:1 HellRaisers 5ccafa713965bf70526867b9d0b661ad.png?m=440c2a2c808f22b76d317e1140aa86cd - Overpass 16:19 (5:10, 10:5, 1:4)

HellRaisers endure through another overtime series, knocking Cloud9 one loss closer to elimination from the Major. Regulation saw both teams demonstrate decent T side performances, with the opposition landing a round here and there. HellRaisers did, however, concede both pistol rounds, and despite doing so managed to claw their way out of the depths of a potential loss, pushing the series into overtime. Overtime, contrary to regulation, was very lopsided, seeing to HR's victory and 1:1 match record.

b7e3ab5ad385a7aabf35ef2613fc964e.png?m=bd214f1a90baec01b64839f2d3f205ac compLexity Gaming 1:0 G2 Esports 101344a70cb98b5d316d168271018f76.png?m=b02f8822d213cf6f9ecc6a5adc58d404 - Cache 16:11 (13:2, 3:9)

A convincing performance from the North American reps as they speed on ahead to a 2:0 record in the New Legends. The initial half saw a massive scare for G2 Esports as they were able to only secure two rounds over the entire half. CompLexity absolutely demolished the defence, concluding the initial half at a commanding 13:2. Having switched over to the T side, however, G2 turned the tables on coL, slowly grinding rounds in their favour. The occasional stray round was secured by compLexity, and with only three remaining till closure, the NA reps did just that, at 16:11.

e9f8fda2a6c72f7445d5f0ea771dd0d5.png?m=53cfc00c78b10184a7a3f831864bdb13 Ninjas in Pyjamas 0:1 Team Liquid f66886827863a18a734feaae7ccdee03.png?m=8d963f992ca77cfd9029e535063415c1 - Mirage 10:16 (8:7, 2:9)

Liquid continue their flawless Major run at the expense of fellow perfectionists NiP, denying them the pleasure of a possible 6:0 run. The NA reps started on the offense, where they were able to develop early momentum following a successful pistol round. A 6:1 lead was accrued, after which only a single round was accrued by TL. This meant that NiP concluded the initial half with a slight lead at 8:7. Having swapped over to the CT side, Liquid really pushed the offense around, denying rounds left right an centre. NiP only grabbed two over  the entire half, meanwhile Liquid cruised by, finishing Mirage with a 16:10 score.

1d40e282bdbcc63323498a8d89f1f24b.png?m=bdc531a63f9e60c9e2ce89c1ef2b3c65 Natus Vincere 1:0 FaZe Clan 41d78d10afe152c254708b6330deaeee.png?m=b131762402ea7ca2ce28336164b71c9b - Overpass 16:12 (5:10, 11:2)

A great comeback series from NaVi, as the CIS reps dodge potential elimination with a 1:1 record. Having kicked off the initial half on the offense, NaVi experienced great difficulty, consistently shut down by FaZe's defence. Not only had the CIS reps conceded the initial pistol plus three, but due to the momentum developed by the EU mix, they were going in and out of economic resets, leading to a difficult 5:10 deficit. The defence was apparently more fruitful, as NaVi figured out FaZe off the get-go. The second pistol was conceded, setting the team up for failure, however a second round upset meant a sway in momentum. The CIS team brought it home following this early success, allowing FaZe but a single round in the remainder of the half at 16:12.

9f7eff111271c0885306d4734bf7cfb8.png?m=43a39f2565a3152dc23ec7a34f112e66 mousesports 0:1 MIBR 05104ff56372d204b5516eef517fcd58.png?m=a9c4898ebff8c8da11943423219f30e2 - Dust2 6:16 (5:10, 1:6)

A very convincing Dust 2 performance from the Americas mix, as they dodge potential elimination in round 3, securing a 1:1 record. Mousesports kicked off on the CT side, where they were able to secure the pistol plus two. Upon obtaining rifles, MIBR took the steering wheel, consistently taking away rounds. This performance persisted throughout the initial half, leading to a solid 10:5 score for MIBR prior to the CT side. Smooth sailing for the Americas mix on the defence, where despite a second round upset they were able to close out in dominant fashion, concluding day two at 16:6.

TL;DR table:




BIG TyLoo Winstrike Team
Astralis Fnatic Cloud9
compLexity Gaming Vega Squadron FaZe Clan
Team Liquid HellRaisers mousesports
X G2 Esports X
X Ninjas in Pyjamas X
X Natus Vincere X

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Upon conclusion of the day, FACEIT revealed round #3 pairings:

2:0 Pool

b7e3ab5ad385a7aabf35ef2613fc964e.png?m=bd214f1a90baec01b64839f2d3f205ac compLexity Gaming vs. BIG 567562e7ea4207ae8c61cb1295ba11d7.png?m=51e08630fec1fc186e7c2e4f5127e2da
8b4a62225da2e6600ec901a677797164.png?m=752052be564b50ec59db6f5cd9b48424 Astralis vs. Team Liquid f66886827863a18a734feaae7ccdee03.png?m=8d963f992ca77cfd9029e535063415c1

1:1 Pool

1d40e282bdbcc63323498a8d89f1f24b.png?m=bdc531a63f9e60c9e2ce89c1ef2b3c65 Natus Vincere vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas e9f8fda2a6c72f7445d5f0ea771dd0d5.png?m=53cfc00c78b10184a7a3f831864bdb13
a27ee8b7be19861a055ec55f891df6e5.png?m=d5cdc8c0f447650aab72eb8cb75495be Vega Squadron vs. Fnatic f04711c435a411faa83b75c33eb81e50.png?m=bc95758483090a7d39a2f94142028370
101344a70cb98b5d316d168271018f76.png?m=b02f8822d213cf6f9ecc6a5adc58d404 G2 Esports vs. MIBR 05104ff56372d204b5516eef517fcd58.png?m=a9c4898ebff8c8da11943423219f30e2
5ccafa713965bf70526867b9d0b661ad.png?m=440c2a2c808f22b76d317e1140aa86cd HellRaisers vs. TyLoo 9fe881b8f7bebdc4ab8bb8563fe5fde1.png?m=9a310c658ae055d9295b479473287e05

0:2 Pool

41d78d10afe152c254708b6330deaeee.png?m=b131762402ea7ca2ce28336164b71c9b FaZe Clan vs. mousesports 9f7eff111271c0885306d4734bf7cfb8.png?m=43a39f2565a3152dc23ec7a34f112e66
3d89641c4a3eed7e1cc522ae700f4785.png?m=9e5adc1088e3cb23f7a60565e74892df Cloud9 vs. Winstrike Team 3cdc05c0199726df89e8b7fa0504e552.png?m=9a4d932d14232f35e2286639493a1157

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