FlyQuest combats diva syndrome by grabbing Snickers deal

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FlyQuest combats diva syndrome by grabbing Snickers deal
Photo by FlyQuest

You know how when you're hungry you can sometimes be a bit difficult? Well, FlyQuest knows and they also know what to do about it! You see, we can all have our diva moments when we're a bit hungry, but thankfully, there's a solution for that. A Snickers sponsorship!

In an announcement last night, FlyQuest and Snickers revealed that they'll be entering a sponsorship deal for the 2018 NA LCS. It's not the first time Snickers has backed esports, but it's their biggest move yet, and it flies perfectly with the predictions that franchising would attract bigger non-endemic sponsors to the scene - as the risk of seeing an investment tank due to relegation has been removed.

“It is extremely exciting for me to announce that SNICKERS has joined us as a Foundational Partner of FlyQuest.

In all of our conversations with them, they expressed a true passion and desire to give back to our fans. Throughout the year, we will showcase SNICKERS® in original content and fan activations, providing our fans with memorable experiences.”

Scott Pogrow, Director of Business Development, FlyQuest

The deal entails a lot of promotional content from FlyQuest involving the chocolate bar brand, such as a weekly 'Snickers MVP of the Match' that will be decided by fan-vote. It's the biggest major sponsorship announcement to hit the new NA LCS, but it should be safe to assume that it won't be the last. As we draw closer to the start of the LCS, one would assume that we'll be seeing more big names hoping to grab some limelight before kick-off.

Whether any of them will have the same meme potential remains to be seen, however. It's a safe bet that we'll see a flood of "You're such a diva when you're hungry" jokes everytime a FlyQuest player underperforms, but suddenly bounces back. One almost hopes that they'll be doing a lot of comebacks this year just to fuel the memes.

2018 is looking better and better every day!

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