Fng talks Team Spirit issues and no planned roster changes

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Fng talks Team Spirit issues and no planned roster changes
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Artsiom "Fng" Barshack, captain and the only CIS player of Team Spirit, talked about the future of his team on his personal Twitch stream (a clip of which is uploaded on YouTube). According to the CIS veteran, they don’t plan to change their roster at the moment, despite one of their teammates not playing well enough.

Team Spirit roster changes

We’re not going to reshuffle, at least at the moment. Skiter is clearly underperforming. That’s the point. You have to understand, that thinking like “he is a retard” for making mistakes and “has to be kicked” isn’t going to get you anywhere. I can pick any team and point a finger: ”A mistake here, here and here”. That is not the point. The point is in how a team is working and how a person is improving. If a person is doing everything right, then eventually he will become a great player.

Picking player for the current roster

We could’ve had American or SEA players in the team. We were looking through a ton of options. We were looking at Dendi too, but because of the fn situation… It just happened so we didn’t have time to test anyone, the qualifiers were getting close and we wanted to already be on a bootcamp. We played a day with Nine, then one more. God was still an option at that point, but we decided to take Nine.

Odium’s issues (the comment was said before their disband)

I don’t know how to approach odium. Obviously, things are going very poorly for them right now, because they don’t have players and a captain-leader. To avoid the words like “captain” and “leader”, a team must have a core that you can build it around. We had me and Biver as a core. In my understanding, Odium doesn’t have one. In reality, Lil isn’t arrogant. He is just the kind of person he is. I can’t call him arrogant.

Team Spirit formed a mostly European roster (except fng) in September 2018. The team failed to qualify to both opening DPC events: The Kuala Lumpur Major and DreamLeague Season 10 Minor.

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