"The gap is closing" Vitality react after upsetting Gen.G at Worlds 2018

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"The gap is closing" Vitality react after upsetting Gen.G at Worlds 2018
Photo by LoL Esports

Yesterday, European fans enjoyed a monumental start to Group Stage life at the 2018 League of Legends World Championship when two of their region's teams both took down Korean squads in their first game. With Team Vitality taking down world champions Gen.G, there were plenty of choice quotes to pick out from their players' interviews at the event.

Top laner Cabochard spoke to Travis Gafford to discuss a win where split-pushing was key.

What it means that both Korean teams fell to their European counterparts

The gap is closing, I guess [laughs]. I think both teams won in a pretty similar fashion, we both went through split-pushing, and then [when] pressuring them, they really didn't pressure [Baron Nashor] properly. So we just took advantage.

Jinxing Western teams by saying "the gap is closing"

Ahh! [Laughs] Maybe I have, we'll see in the next days. I think it's important that we realise it's only day 1 and we have five more matches to go. Our aim is really to get out of this group, even though it's a really tough group, so [we need to] just keep things cool and go from here.

Vitality's young support Jactroll tries to reign in the hype in this video interview with Darius from The Shotcaller.

Not letting the hype get overblown

It doesn't seem like I'm super excited about the win because it's only the beginning. We cannot [let] this win get to our heads. We can make it out of the groups, but we need to stay focussed.

Buccaneering AD Carry Attila spoke to Blitz Esports about his thoughts on the game and group.

Bot lane strength in Group B

I think our group is really stacked up. It's amazing that you just look at the teams and you're like, "These guys have really no bad player at all." It's no longer the European LCS, where sometimes you have a weaker opponent and you can actually relax a bit, or not stress too much, because you can do some mistakes and you can still go through the game. They're not going to punish you. But right now it's the top of the top, so it's definitely gonna be really hard. I think Ruler is one of the best AD carries by far at Worlds, I think. This game he didn't play as good as I thought he would, but I think you really can see that he has a lot of experience. He's the defending champion as well. I'm really confident going against them, even though I'm a rookie. I'm really not scared at all against anyone that I play, and I'll just do whatever I have to do to win the game.

The "Schalke call"

I was actually talking about it two minutes ago, and I think it was me and Kikis mentioning it, because this call is the Schalke call, right? Schalke against Splyce, which had the perfect scenario and the exact same scenario. So we just had the idea like one minute before the Elder Drake, we saw top wave, it's pushing, so they have to commit Elder Drake, otherwise the Elder Drake's ours. They just committed and then we just went for it. So I'd say it was Kikis or my idea, but overall it was really good execution, and the final call was probably Kikis.

And finally, star of the hour Jiizuke revealed his read on the game, including what inspired the Ekko pick, in an interview with Inven Global.

Feelings after the win

It feels really good. Everyone was going to say that we were going to lose this game. I thought we were going to after our early game. I got ganked over and over again with Tahm Kench ult. We were losing jungle-mid pretty hard. However, after a few teamfights and I solo killed Crown, I knew the game was won.

Picking Ekko

(laughs). When Crown picked Syndra, I knew I wanted Ekko. Against their team comp...I knew I wanted Ekko. I just locked it in. It turned out to be a really good choice. Match up wise and team comp wise, I felt Ekko was a good pick against them. My team knows that I really like picking Ekko into certain situations.

European squads entered the tournament with a bang, and all eyes will be on Fnatic as they prepare to face 100 Thieves for a potential 3:0. You can check them out as well as the entirety of Group D starting Oct. 11 at 10:00 CET / 1 a.m. PT / 17:00 KST live on the event hub!

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