GC Busan make Overwatch history, shock out Cloud9 KongDoo out of OGN APEX

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GC Busan make Overwatch history, shock out Cloud9 KongDoo out of OGN APEX

The fact that GC Busan made it to this season’s OGN APEX grand finals pales in comparison to how they did it.

The team graduated from Challenger on their first try and ended up in the main event, sharing a group with former finalists Afreeca Freecs, as well as LW Red and ROX Orcas, where finishing second over Afreeca Freecs advanced them further. This was a minor upset in most pundits’ books, but surely their APEX run would end in the quarter finals, many fans probably thought. After all, one does not just survive a group with two-times champions Lunatic-Hai, Season 2 grand finalists RunAway and the Challenger hopes of last season X6-Gaming.

What transpired following GC’s first quarter final match against the reigning champions would make for a story to be remembered long. The newcomers obliterated Lunatic-Hai 3-0 to open the group and later repeated that same scoreline in the deciding match, eliminating the world’s best team from contention, but their crusade was far from over.

In today’s semi-final, GC met Cloud9 KongDoo, finalists from last season’s OGN APEX. With the elimination of Lunatic-Hai and Afreeca Freecs and the forfeiture of LW Blue, KongDoo had remained the only true Korean Overwatch legacy standing in the tournament. Only, not even them could slow down GC Busan.

It was a field day for rising Tracer player Park “Profit” Joon-Yeong and by the end of the day Cloud9 would have nightmares of back-line evisceration. Together with hitscan flex Lee “Hooreg” Dong-Eun, GC punished Cloud9 time and time again, on whatever map they chose. In all four maps, Cloud9 managed to take only four points total, their ultimate demise coming on Hollywood, where a 3-1 scoreline advanced GC Busan to the grand finals.

GC Busan’s success is history in the making. Never has a debuting team made it to the finals of the league and there never was a real potential for a “royal roader”. Add to that the cumulative 10-0 score against both Season 3 finalists, and that’s enough to get one excited about GC.

In the finals, GC will play the winner of RunAway and Nc Foxes, the latter being another Challenger team, so we might as well get a certain royal roader should NC prevail over the Season 2 runner-ups in the semi-final scheduled for Oct. 13.

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