GCU nearly pull off the reverse sweep as Phoenix1 claws back to win the series 3-2

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GCU nearly pull off the reverse sweep as Phoenix1 claws back to win the series 3-2

Gold Coin United nearly pulled off the reverse sweet on Phoenix1 as P1 manage to win the series 3-2 in the North American Summer Promotion Tournament. This set of games between GCU and P1 ended up being deceptively close. With both streams happening simultaneously, it looked early on like both sets would end up going 3-0 in favor of the NA LCS teams. This series ended up being jammed pack with action.

Game 1 had P1 going to their roots with Yoo “Ryu” Sang-wook on his usual Corki and Michael “MikeYeung” Yeung on his pocket pick Nidalee. The game went long and ended with an exciting base race that had Ryu outracing GCU for the 1-0 lead. In game 2, GCU continued to build these teamfight compositions to work their strengths. This game also went slow paced with only 6 kills in the first 30 minutes of the game. P1 turns the tables as GCU force a bad Baron and Ryu picks up a huge penta kill to come out ahead 2-0.

Game 3 had GCU almost caught in a bit of deja vu. Gold Coin had themselves in a close, scrappy game before forcing another close Baron at the 30 minute mark. Unlike in game 2, GCU pick up the Baron and get a huge 4 for 0 teamfight off of the call to pull the series back to 2-1. P1 got off to a great start behind MikeYeung’s ganks on Elise to pick up an early lead for Ryu’s Lucian. Almost like clockwork, GCU go for another forced Baron at the 28 minute mark. The team turns off of Baron to go for a teamfight that results in 4 kill for 1 death to even up the Phoenix1 gold lead. The follow-up Baron pulled the lead toward GCU. Finally at 34 minutes, GCU’s mid laner Song “Fly” Young-jun picks up his own penta kill on Orianna to suspensefully pull the series along to a game 5 with the series tied at 2-2.

Game 5 looked tense heading in. Gold Coin United were now one win away from pulling off the huge reverse sweep to lock in their first win of two to secure that coveted NA LCS spot. In game, it was the Phoenix1 show. A huge gank by MikeYeung in the mid lane netted the team 2 kills and the mid lane turret to go up 4,000 gold. The pain train never ended and P1 was 1 turret short of a perfect game in their close-out victory over GCU.

Phoenix1’s victory land them a game against Team Liquid on Saturday to play over the first LCS slot. Gold Coin United play eUnited on Saturday as well to decide who still has the last shot at getting into the LCS.

source header image: Riot Games


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