Hylissang: "[Rekkles] is the best mechanical ADC I've played with, but also the hardest person to work with at the same time."
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Hylissang: "[Rekkles] is the best mechanical ADC I've played with, but also the hardest person to work with at the same time."

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After four weeks of EU LCS hustling, Fnatic's prospects are finally becoming brighter. The once kings of Europe spent the first three weeks of the league failing to finish on a positive score, but victories over Unicorns of Love and Giants Gaming have now put them on 5-3. 

The road to the playoffs in Copenhagen is long still, however, so between the two matches of Fnatic, we sat down with newly acquired support Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov to see what he thinks about the team's form and share his experience playing with Martin "Rekkles" Larsson.

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First off, this was a lot closer to the Fnatic everybody kind of expected. Especially in the last couple of games, you seem to be coming together a lot more than what we saw early on. Was it hard to come into a team where everyone already knows each other and has a set playstyle and then have to adapt?
I think our opponents this week are not that strong. For example, we played UoL, who are struggling a lot right now, and even if maybe we looked good against them, we actually played really sloppy. 

But back to the question: coming to Fnatic was easy to adapt and play to their style. It's just that I have my own style and would like it to show it to them and maybe they can learn something from me as well so we can have something in between in the end. 

There's always this learning period with new teams. Do you feel you guys are on an upward trajectory or is there still a lot of stuff you need to work on?
There's a lot of stuff to work out as a team and as a duo [with Rekkles — Ed.] because we haven't reached the point of being really confident going into the duo match-up with me and Martin. We're still looking forward and learning a lot every day with our new coaching staff. We have YoungBuck and Dylan, they are doing amazing work and they help us grow a lot as a team and as a duo. We haven't reached the point yet, but we're getting there.

Coming in from UoL before and swapping to Fnatic, what were the biggest changes for you as a player, the biggest turn-around in approaching training, playing, everything?
My duo partner right now is special in a way, I've never played with such a good ADC. I think Martin is the best mechanical ADC I've played with, but also the hardest person to work with at the same time. It's really complicated for me. Previously, I haven't had issues with that, but we're working on it and we're doing a good job.

Even if maybe we looked good against them [UoL], we actually played really sloppy.

You had a good game today, and a lot of impact in key moments. How do you see the bot meta? Because now we have more of an aggressive bot lane, note quite early game yet, but not a super slow thing either. How do you see the state of bot currently?
I kind of like the meta right now for bot lane. Every support player has different priorities. I kind of have the front-line, melee supports that are strong in fights and setting up ganks. Other players have maybe more Janna/Lulu priorities. I like the meta even more on the new patch, I am looking forward to playing on it next week. I am looking forward to the Zhonya nerf.

Actually, let's expand on that then. What do you expend to change coming with the new patch? Most of the big nerfs were around the middle.
I think nobody will pick Zhonya almost, the nerf is kind of huge. You have to choose between three good keystones, at least for support. It's Hex, Flash, Zhonya and boots and most people will pick boots. Some might still pick Zhonya, but it got really nerfed. I really like this change. I don't know about the others but for me, this change has made League of Legends way clearer and nice to watch. The previous patch was kind of like whoever has more Zhonyas wins the early game — it was kind of annoying to play against.

You have the reputation of being a roaming support, almost a second jungler in many ways. Was it ever a concern joining the team that you roaming mid to set-up plays and be impactful can put Rekkles back into his old habits, just side push and never join team fights?
If the support is roaming around mid with Broxah, for example, it doesn't necessarily put Rekkles in this state. You do it when you can do it. If you cannot do it, your ADC will just die bot lane and lose two waves. So whenever you can, you either do it with your ADC or your jungler. You can't just go randomly midlane and kill the enemy midlaner, because you lose so much bot. 

Currently, you're sitting at 4-3. Do you feel that at this stage you can actually make it to Copenhagen? This is a loaded question, I get it, but looking at the way you're playing, you have a tough fight ahead of you. Are you ready for it, or do you think it's more realistic come Summer?
Right now, we're playing sloppy, I'll say it again. I think we'll make it, I believe that, we just need to put the work and if we do it every week we'll get there eventually. 


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