In the moment: the royal EU LCS Spring Split Finals in Copenhagen
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In the moment: the royal EU LCS Spring Split Finals in Copenhagen

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This weekend, I had my long-awaited League of Legends fix. The last time I had it was last year in Paris for the Summer Split finals, where G2 Esports once again proved their superiority over Europe.

Our latest trip was almost magical. In just under one hour, we flew from our hub city of Berlin to Copenhagen, the colorful Danish capital with its amazing buildings, neighborhoods and world-famous pølse, and the city welcomed us with a gentle weather and plenty of sun. After enjoying a bit of the sights and some Faxe Kondi, we were more than ready for what would come the next day: the third-place finals between Splyce and Team Vitality.

South of the city center, you can find the Royal Arena, the beautiful house of the EU LCS Spring Finals. With just over one year after its opening, you can notice its distinctly Nordic design is still in pristine conditions.

Inside, you could find the crown jewel of this majestic palace: the central stage, where the teams would wage best-of-5 battles for the enjoyment of the intense Danish crowd. The stage featured gigantic screens to follow the games and tall displays with the players, champions and other complementary information. Neon lights surrounded it all for extra flair. We got well acquainted with the venue quickly, on our quest to hunt down some fresh interviews, like the one we did with Quickshot.

On that magnificent stage, Splyce and Vitality began their fierce battle for a spot on the podium! The arena had still plenty of space, but the crowd that was there was in for a treat. Massive plays, comebacks, and back-and-forth exchanges made for a full five-game series that saw Splyce coming out on top.

Even after such a long battle, Vitality were in high spirits, riding their joy of victory into the press room for a very welcomed press conference, which even produced a few hilarious moments that we managed to get on camera.

By the time all was done, it was past 23:00 and we went to take some rest before the big finale on Sunday.

You could almost see it in the air: the energy the arena had on championship day was way more intense, with tons of people waiting for the doors to open and welcome a full house of screaming fans. Even the production was a step above and after Ocelote gave back the trophy from G2’s previous win, the teams had their epic entrances, coming down the bleachers directly to their final destination at the center of the stage.

There were three Danish players present: Martin "Wunder" Hansen representing the country for G2 Esports; and Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen and Rasmus "Caps" Winther farming the home power for Fnatic. All of them naturally did their big entrances using Denmark’s flag and the crowd responded accordingly.

I asked on our social media for predictions to get a glimpse of which team the fans favor, but all I got was an even 50 percent result, something that made me think we would have matches as competitive as the previous day. But that was far from the reality.

Fnatic were on fire and Martin "Rekkles" Larsson was out of control. The team showed what they were preparing for for the last half a year and crushed G2 Esports in a clean 3:0 victory, showing huge potential for the coming MSI.

It was time for a little talk, and once again the winners of the day visited us for a press conference, were they shared their views on the matches and also future aspirations, all while the fans were already outside, waiting for the moment of the meet-and-greet with the reigning champions of the Royal Arena.

For our next event, we are going back to Russia, this time to Moscow for EPICENTER XL. For those who don’t know, Epicenter is considered by some as second only to The International in the Dota 2 world, so that’s where we will be — with full access and lots of backstage fun to share. So don’t forget to follow us on social media and to check our website for more news every day!

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