Champion changes, modified catch-up mechanics and more: Patch 7.22 is live

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Champion changes, modified catch-up mechanics and more: Patch 7.22 is live

Patch 7.22 is finally live, and with it, a million and one changes! Champions have been tweaked all over, most ranging from minor HP and Mana adjustments, but some, like Varus, are seeing massive buffs, in the form of added armour (9 at lvl 1, is no insignificant buff, nor is his 9 raw AD buff) and others are also finding them being tweaked.

The changes are riding in hot on the heels of the rune page make-over, where things like the +9 armour page everyone was running, is now gone. Riot decided that this change hurt some more than others, and every champion has received minor changes to their stats, as a result.

One of the biggest changes from the past, however, is that Riot seems to be moving away from "role" updates, and will instead be doubling down harder on specific champions moving forward.

Let’s start with class updates. Last preseason, we updated Assassins as a continuation of these (i.e. Juggernauts, Marksmen, Mages), and in midseason, we updated Tanks.

After seeing the mixed impact of class updates though, we decided to move away from this approach to push individual champions further in bigger and more targeted ways.

We went big with Warwick’s blood hunting, Galio’s colossal impact, Urgot’s infamous shotgun knees, and Eve’s charming mind games.

The patch doesn't just tweak champions and masteries though (although that would be enough to be huge), it's also changing items and making some very hefty changes to Catch-Up xp in the jungle. The controversial fix for enabling teams to come back from an early deficit has been both lauded and reviled, and saw big impacts on tanks and early gank junglers in its time. In its new form, the mechanic is still there but has been nerfed to only grant xp for big neutral monsters. Not only does this slow down the catch-up mechanic, preventing the "clear krugs and raptors, catch up" play, it also heavily incentivises counter jungling, as you can now prevent your enemy from catching up, by stealing the big neutral, and then move on, not bothering with the small.

All of these changes are bound to have heavy impacts on the state of League in the coming months, so stay tuned as we dissect exactly what this means, over the next few days.

The notes themselves can be seen in their entirety [HERE]. Be advised though, this is the biggest patch since the UI and Map make-over.

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