ixmike88 possibly returns to pro dota as a Digital Chaos coach

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ixmike88 possibly returns to pro dota as a Digital Chaos coach
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Michael "ixmike88" Ghannamis now a coach of Digital Chaos, if DC captain Kanishka "Sam" "BuLba" Sosale instagram post could be believed. The organization itself made no official announcements.

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ixmike88 and BuLba used to be teammates back in 2013 as part of Team Liquid at The International 2013, where they placed 5-8th (the best achievement in his career). From the very next season, ixMike spend the next 4 years in various North American mix teams, then ending up in Team Freedom twice: in first half of 2016 and three months later in 2017, until disbanding in March and staying teamless since. 

Digital Chaos roster:

— Max "qojqva" Bröcker
Mason "mason" Venne
Kanishka "Sam" "BuLba" Sosale
Arif "MSS" Anwar
Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho

Digital Chaos are having a weak start of the season, not managing to win any Minor or Major qualifiers so far.  The organization is known for signing a number of professional (and retired) players as coaches ever since its foundation: Per Anders "Pajkatt" Olsson, William "Blitz" Lee, Peter "waytosexy" Nguyen and Braxton "Brax" Paulson being the latest. If true, an experiment of signing ixmike88 might help improve morale going forward.

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