Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho is out of compLexity Gaming, now a free agent.

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Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho is out of compLexity Gaming, now a free agent.

The North American "mercenary" and most recently a compLexity Gaming support — Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho — has announced on twitter to have left the team as a free agent.

Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho joined compLexity Gaming a month before The International 2017 Main Qualifiers where they were invited but eliminated by Digital Chaos in the play-offs. Jimmy once again was unable to find success at a Valve event and expectedly decided to move on, and, without waiting too long, announced his departure from CoL during of The International 2017 Main Event.

Jimmy Ho went through an impressive number of teams in his Dota 2 career. Naming only most notable of them, DeMoN started his career in MYM at The International 2011, then went back and forth between SEA, Europe and North America to play and occasionally stand-in for Evil GeniusesMVP PhoenixFnaticTeam Liquid, Virtus.pro Polar, then shortly joined or formed a whole lot of mix teams, then moved on to more established organizations again like Infamous, TNC Pro Team and Digital Chaos, before he stood-in and later officially joined compLexity Gaming in 2017 as his most recent team. 

The nickname "mercenary" was given to him by the community for his uncanny success in bringing teams around the world to big victories in their local scene shortly after joining and then soon after always moving on to somewhere else, never staying in one place for too long.

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