KT Rolster advance to 2018 World Championship quarterfinals, MAD Team eliminated

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KT Rolster advance to 2018 World Championship quarterfinals, MAD Team eliminated
Image by Riot Games

Korean first seed KT Rolster are advancing to the 2018 League of Legends World Championship quarterfinals with Day 7 yet to end, after beating Team Liquid, and as a result of EDward Gaming’s victory over MAD Team.

KT Rolster opened the day’s festivities in a game against Team Liquid as favorites, and they confirmed their status as such with great emphasis on objectives. The North American team contended in skirmishes, but did not trade objectives, nor did they actively seek to control the tempo of the game.

Score engineered KT’s assertive takeover one Nocturne gank at a time: in the bottom lane at the 7-minute mark, and in the mid lane at 9:30. The latter gank unlocked UcaL’s Lissandra for roaming forays, with Score’s counterjungling attempts turning into group endeavors. KT freely claimed Rift Herald at the 10-minute mark, but faced fierce opposition when attempting a Dragon takedown (1-for-2) at minute 12.

Despite claiming a kill on Score and being close in gold, Team Liquid failed to assert themselves on the map (outside of Dragon setups) as they gave KT Rolster free reign over vision in their jungle, facilitating further turret takedowns. In fact, KT punished their sole attempt at a team endeavor, a turret takedown in the mid lane, with Mata’s Gragas kickstarting a 2-for-0 team fight. KT Rolster then claimed Baron Nashor and destroyed Team Liquid’s base after Team Liquid’s last stand (26:05), which resulted in a 5-for-1 trade and the game in KT’s favor.

Later on, EDward Gaming prevailed against MAD Team in an initially closely fought bout. EDward Gaming seemingly took over the game following a team fight in the top lane at the 15:40 mark (a 4-for-2 team fight), but they did not assert their newly acquired advantage until iBoy’s Kai’Sa scaled. A 24:20 team fight MAD sparked around Dragon vision resulted in an extremely close 2-for-1 team fight, but a 27-minute confrontation ended in a decisive 4:0 for EDG as Uniboy (on Irelia) overzealously dove into EDG’s crowd control abilities. EDG slowly but surely choked the life out of MAD Team, promptly eliminating them from the World championship.

Although MAD Team and Team Liquid could both reach 3:3 (should they win their remaining games), a 3:3 tie between MAD Team and EDG would not result in a tiebreaker as EDG have a 2:0 head-to-head record. That possibility later closed as Team Liquid also overcame them, setting the stage for a potential tiebreaker for second place between them and the Chinese team.

The 2018 World Championship’s Group C action is still underway, and you can watch it on the 2018 Worlds hub!

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