KT Rolster break Chinese LPL undefeated streak: 2018 Worlds Day 4 recap

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KT Rolster break Chinese LPL undefeated streak: 2018 Worlds Day 4 recap
Image by Riot Games

The fourth day of the 2018 League of Legends World Championship was full of surprises — but also, fatalisms: G2 Esports outsmarted Flash Wolves, and KT Rolster put an end to the LPL’s undefeated aspirations by outlasting EDward Gaming.

The day started with two games in Group A, with Afreeca Freecs scoring their first victory at Worlds at the expense of Phong Vũ Buffalo in large part thanks to the efforts of their substitute jungler, Mowgli. As both teams sought to snowball their top laners, the jungler (on Olaf) was instrumental in securing leads for Kiin’s Irelia at the expense of Zeros's Camille, allowing Afreeca to develop their 1-3-1 split pressure game plan. The team’s emphasis on neutral objectives also granted them a clear advantage (two Ocean Drakes) when PVB reverted to a kiting scheme, and the game inevitably ended at the 24-minute mark with PVB overwhelmed across the board, as reflected by a desperate skirmish at the 22:10 mark.

Afreeca Freecs scored big points and, thanks to G2 Esports, remain in contention for first place in the group, as G2’s draft tore Flash Wolves apart – literally, in a 1-3-1 scheme. The Taiwanese team picked a tanky team fight oriented composition against Hjärnan’s Jhin and PerkZ’s Akali, but a sneaky Camille pick on Wunder was their undoing, as PerkZ and Jankos’s Nocturne, and Wadid’s Tahm Kench facilitated quick skirmishes to spiral Wunder into an unstoppable split pushing force. In fact, Wunder destroyed several structures in the bottom lane as well as the Nexus alone to punish a forced Flash Wolves Baron Nashor attempt.

There would be no upsets on Group D once again, as Invictus Gaming and Fnatic rolled over 100 Thieves and G-Rex. To 100 Thieves’ credit, they were able to read the situation in an early skirmish, seemingly securing advantages in the solo lanes, but iG’s emphasis on bot lane spiraled out of control. JackeyLove’s Kai’Sa scaled way ahead of schedule, and 100 Thieves had no resort but to avoid direct team fights whenever they could, as a 15-minute situation (a 5:0 ace for iG and mid inhibitor) showed they could no longer win. The Nexus crumbled slightly after the 20-minute mark.

As for G-Rex, they were dealt a rough hand after failing a tower dive on Bwipo’s Ornn (thanks to Caps’s Ryze intervening in time), and after losing the bot lane shortly after to a Bwipo teleport foray — with both events happening very early into the game, and leading into an unstoppable snowball. The man of the match was undoubtedly Broxah, who went on a tear (7/0/8 KDA on Lee Sin, 93.75 percent kill participation).



Team Liquid’s Group C adventures finally changed as they prevailed against LMS second seed MAD Team in an attrition war where Xmithie and his teammates captured leads due to MAD’s overextensions. The North American first seed’s team fight composition overcame MAD’s map pressure / skirmish compliant one and nearly scored a perfect game in a 37-minute closeout (10 kills to 1, 11 turrets to 0).

The final game of the day featured South Korea’s finest representative at Worlds, KT Rolster, against China’s third seed, EDward Gaming. KT’s bruiser-centric composition (Urgot/Galio core) faced a much squishier, skirmish-heavy EDG side (Nocturne/Rakan core alongside Akali, Azir and Tristana). EDG needed iBoy to scale, but KT Rolster concentrated their efforts around the lane, with first blood coming at the 2:25 mark. KT’s superior team fighting prowess was the bane of EDG’s counterplay efforts as evidenced by a recovery from a seemingly botched towerdive in the bottom lane at minute 10, as both teams threw all they had at the time.

KT concentrated their efforts at nullifying EDG’s team fighting abilities early on, long enough to hit their mid-game spikes, becoming unkillable in the process. EDG’s base bowed down after 34 minutes of action, with UcaL setting up a 3:1 trade at EDG’s nexus turrets for good measure.

Group B did not play a game today, but its members will take center stage on Oct. 13. Be sure to tune in starting 1 a.m. PT / 10:00 CET / 17:00 KST live on the Worlds hub!

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