FACEIT London Major: The New Legends round 3 predictions
Photo by: FACEIT | Joe Stephens

FACEIT London Major: The New Legends round 3 predictions

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Swiss round #3 of the FACEIT Major — London 2018 have dawned. Upon conclusion of day three, two teams will be the first to ascend to the New Champions, meanwhile two teams will hit the hotel rooms to pack their bags for the trip home.

Find out which teams look to further their positions at the expense of their opponents in our round 3 predictions:

2:0 Pool

b7e3ab5ad385a7aabf35ef2613fc964e.png?m=bd214f1a90baec01b64839f2d3f205ac compLexity Gaming 0:1 BIG 567562e7ea4207ae8c61cb1295ba11d7.png?m=51e08630fec1fc186e7c2e4f5127e2da

BIG will be looking to exact revenge on the NA reps, as in the two teams' matchup during the New Challengers, coL knocked then into the 1:2 bracket. There is no doubt that Fatih "gob b" Dayik and Nikola "LEGIJA" Ninic will be hitting the books in time for the match, creating a preliminary plan of action for the series. With a bit more information to work with, coupled with a solid performance from the hard hitters, BIG look to secure a 3:0 record and a spot in the New Challengers.

8b4a62225da2e6600ec901a677797164.png?m=752052be564b50ec59db6f5cd9b48424 Astralis 0:1 Team Liquid f66886827863a18a734feaae7ccdee03.png?m=8d963f992ca77cfd9029e535063415c1

Team Liquid have been an absolute menace over the course of the FACEIT Major, however this will be a significantly more difficult pairing than any of the ones they've previously had. Having said this, it definitely feels like the Americas mix is on an unstoppable roll, and their form has peaked in time for the Major. If they continue recreating the performances they've had, the matchup will be close, but Liquid should close out.

1:1 Pool

1d40e282bdbcc63323498a8d89f1f24b.png?m=bdc531a63f9e60c9e2ce89c1ef2b3c65 Natus Vincere 1:0 Ninjas in Pyjamas e9f8fda2a6c72f7445d5f0ea771dd0d5.png?m=53cfc00c78b10184a7a3f831864bdb13

The CIS reps sustained a beating from Astralis in round #1 of the New Legends, but they showed some retaliation and did not go down without a fight. Currently #2 in the world, NaVi are considered a favourite for the event, and while NiP have shown a respectable performance as one of the 3:0 New Challengers, knocking Astralis in the process, NaVi's form is apparently on point, meaning a tough matchup, angled towards a victory for the CIS team.

a27ee8b7be19861a055ec55f891df6e5.png?m=d5cdc8c0f447650aab72eb8cb75495be Vega Squadron 1:0 Fnatic f04711c435a411faa83b75c33eb81e50.png?m=bc95758483090a7d39a2f94142028370

Fnatic have not had the most convincing of performances so far at the Major, conceding their first series of the tournament to compLexity Gaming. The team seemed off, communicational breakdowns were apparent, and minor mistakes led to major problems. The Swedes will be attuned to Vega's playstyle, as we've seen them employ a loose, aggressive style themselves in the past, however the Sharks simply seem to be in stronger form at this moment in time, which is reflected in the prediction made.

101344a70cb98b5d316d168271018f76.png?m=b02f8822d213cf6f9ecc6a5adc58d404 G2 Esports 0:1 MIBR 05104ff56372d204b5516eef517fcd58.png?m=a9c4898ebff8c8da11943423219f30e2

Somewhat of a close matchup between two familiar teams, although weighed towards the Americas mix. A recurring narrative when exploring G2 Esports is their relatively new roster, one that doesn't seem to have everything worked out quite just yet. The same argument can be applied to MIBR, however the firepower component is arguably stronger in their case. This simple factor could prove to be the difference between a victory and a loss in this particular matchup.

5ccafa713965bf70526867b9d0b661ad.png?m=440c2a2c808f22b76d317e1140aa86cd HellRaisers 1:0 TyLoo 9fe881b8f7bebdc4ab8bb8563fe5fde1.png?m=9a310c658ae055d9295b479473287e05

HellRaisers are a team that have a special degree of insight into the workings of TyLoo, as rifler Vladislav "bondik" Nеchуроrchuk formerly represented the Chinese roster for around four months. Further, the roster has three individuals working on the strategic aspect of the game, allowing deeper insight into the team's workings. TyLoo will have to play outside of the box in their matchup against HellRaisers if they plan to bring a fight, and, quite realistically, might do just that. Not an easy matchup to call, but the mind calls for HellRaisers to be picked as the favourite.

0:2 Pool

41d78d10afe152c254708b6330deaeee.png?m=b131762402ea7ca2ce28336164b71c9b FaZe Clan 0:1 mousesports 9f7eff111271c0885306d4734bf7cfb8.png?m=43a39f2565a3152dc23ec7a34f112e66

The record shows that FaZe have experienced difficulties with mouz in the recent and not-so-recent past. As recently as DreamHack Stockholm we saw the teams face off, with mouz taking the highroad at a 2:1 map score in a best-of-3. This elimination matchup feels like it will be heavily determined by the map pick and individual form. FaZe have been lacklustre in their showings at the Major, and while mouz haven't been the best either, they seem to have a bit more gusto in them. A tough best-of-1 to call, but if we had to, it would be mouz to win.

3d89641c4a3eed7e1cc522ae700f4785.png?m=9e5adc1088e3cb23f7a60565e74892df Cloud9 0:1 Winstrike Team 3cdc05c0199726df89e8b7fa0504e552.png?m=9a4d932d14232f35e2286639493a1157

The final series of day 3 will see an upset, largely because of just how foreign the two teams are to one another. Cloud9 are unable to run the books on Winstrike, as the team has not participated at any notable LAN tournaments, nor, more than likely, practiced against them in the run-up to the Major. This is what we call the "underdog's advantage", and it just might prove to be potent in this series, as Winstrike look to extend their tournament run by besting the international mix.

TL;DR table:





BIG compLexity Gaming Ninjas in Pyjamas FaZe Clan
Team Liquid Astralis Fnatic Cloud9
X Natus Vincere G2 Esports X
X Vega Squadron TyLoo X
X MIBR mousesports X
X HellRaisers Winstrike Team X


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