Mineski forced to pull out from Dreamleague SEA Qualifiers

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Mineski forced to pull out from Dreamleague SEA Qualifiers
Photo by: Starladder

The DreamLeague Season 9 SEA qualifiers will be held without Mineski, as they are forced to pull out. The absence of the strongest teams in this region due to unspecified "circumstances" is definitely a gift for the remaining participants.

Geek Fam will step in to replace Mineski at the last minute, which can hardly be considered an equal replacement, turning both Fnatic and TNC Predator into clear favorites to take the sole SEA spot. The qualifier is already underway, and its winner will be decided on February 14.

Mineski have qualified to 7 - and were directly invited to 3 - out of 17 DPC events with concluded SEA qualifiers so far, earning the right to be considered the strongest team in the region. Fnatic and TNC Predator divided between themselves the remaining spots (with Fnatic being directly invited once).

Closed Qualifiers will determine the final 6 participants (one from each region). Held on February 9 – February 28, they will feature 3 direct invitations and 1 Open Qualifier winner playing in a Double Elimination, best-of-three bracket. The Main Event (March 21 – 25) will have its exact format announced at a later date, featuring 8 teams, as well as $300,000 and 300 QPs in its prize pool.

Direct Invitations
Team Secret Team Liquid
Regional Qualifier Winners
Team Empire (CIS)
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