New cheat paints over your minimap and crashes your game

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New cheat paints over your minimap and crashes your game
Image credit: u/Glicin on Reddit

A while back we reported about a cheat that could kick you from a game. However, this doesn't seem to be the end of the line. This weekend a Reddit user reported that a new hack seems to be out, one that covers up your minimap and crashes your game.

Reddit user u/dronecloud believes to have figured out how the hack works. It's actually surprisingly simple to execute as the hacker simply needs to make a script that really quickly draws over the mini-map, crashing the game. It's somewhat reminiscent of a DOS attack:

It's a script run by the player who's color matches the color of the block. The script "auto-draws" side to side and moves up in pixel increments in a fraction of a second, overloading the game/server. The game doesn't seem to be able to handle that much "draw data" that quickly and maintain stability.

I would have thought map drawing had a limited number of draw samples per second (cursor position points between straight lines to simulate fluid/curved drawing). Maybe it does, but the script seems to overcome that.

The script is not even that hard to do. Someone could write this in less than an hour with AutoIt. So it's not even a "too much time on their hands" thing.

Here's a clip of the script in action at the start of a game. If the auto-drawing theory is correct, the Storm Spirit in this game has the script installed and decides to use it at the beginning of his game:

It seems like cheating is becoming more and more common in Dota 2 over the last year as this is the 2nd time in less than a month that a new, big, cheat is discovered. Valve will have to focus on making the game more robust to protect its player base from malicious users.

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