North come prepared against Heroic, advance to ELEAGUE Premier semifinals

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North come prepared against Heroic, advance to ELEAGUE Premier semifinals
Photo via Adela Sznajder | DreamHack

North, HLTV's third-ranked team in the world, took down Heroic 2:0 in their ELEAGUE Premier quarterfinal and will move onto the semifinals where they will face FaZe Clan.

North vs. Heroic - 2:0


16:7 North (5:10, 2:6)

The series kicked of on Heroic's map pick, Overpass, but North got off to a 3-0 CT headstart behind superstar Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke's 1v2 clutch in the pistol round. Heroic's members showed some impressive aim, but North were able to steadily build up sizeable CT funds, and began to run away with the half.

Heroic finally responded down 9-2 with a some offbeat tempo in an eco round, and scraped together a few more rounds to end the half 10-5 in North's favor.

Heroic closed the gap after a solid pistol round and a ballsy defuse from Andreas "MODDII" Fridh...

...but it wasn't enough. North regained control of the map and won the next six rounds in a row to close out Overpass 16-7.


16:7 North (9:6, 7:1)

North jumped out to another strong start to kick off their map pick, Mirage, although a cheeky eco round from MODDII, who picked up an AK-47 and drilled a pair of headshots, again stopped North in their tracks before they could seize control of the game.

In fact, it was Heroic this time around that strung together a few nice rounds, putting up four unanswered before ValdemarValdemar "valde" Bjørn VangsåBjørn Vangså decapitated Heroic's retake in a post-plant situation...

...and suddenly North regained all confidence, stablizing the half 9-6.

When North swapped to the CT side, they looked more than ready to absorb Heroic's set pieces at the A bombsite, and Heroic didn't appear to have any audibles prepared. A massive triple-kill from North's AWPer Rene "cajunb" Borg...

...gave North match point and they wasted no time in ending Heroic's underdog run in the final round.

For Heroic, they'll leave knowing they ousted SK Gaming and Liquid in convincing fashion during the group stages. They've already made their statement, showing deeper tactics and sharper teamwork than we've ever seen from them before against the highest level of competition. Undoubtedly, they wanted the win, though, and it'll be a bittersweet flight for them back to Denmark.

For their fellow countrymen, North, this was business as usual. After the match, valde attributed a lot of the win against such a dangerous upstart opponent to doing due diligence and anti-stratting Heroic's quirky style. North are showing respectful violence to their enemies, a dangerous proposition for everyone else at the tournament considering North's biggest pitfall was always thought to be their arrogance. They'll run up against arguably the biggest test at the event in FaZe for the next round.

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