Resolut1on at Katowice Major: "I haven’t seen my girlfriend for a month and a half now."
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Resolut1on at Katowice Major: "I haven’t seen my girlfriend for a month and a half now."

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"The Major Kings" until not too long ago, OG aren't doing very well with Valve this season, finishing only 8th at the ESL One Katowice 2018 Major. Roman "Resolut1on" Fominok talked to about a grueling schedule of the team, their drafts and recent roster changes in CIS.

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Did you hold a boot camp before this event?
Yes, of course. For two weeks. We played qualifiers and practiced. Right now we have: event, boot camp, event, boot camp. I won’t get a chance to come home for three months.

You do not play from home?
No, we don't. Because usually some Major qualifiers are held at this time, and it is better to play them from a boot camp, because nobody wants to risk it. Right now, we have a base in Berlin.

Dragon Knight: 22 picks and 72 percent win rate this event. A versatile hero. What do you do with his hero? How should IceFrog change him?
Challenge him as much as you can. Pick Outworld Devourer, Ursa, or build Silver Edge. The hero is really cool, because you can lane him anywhere: safe, mid or off. You can’t draft in such a way to make him miserable in all three lanes. On at least one of them, he will do well. But these new small patches will come out and something will be changing either way.

You picked Shadow Fiend against Mineski in game 2. It’s not a very effective hero according to stats. Why did you pick him?
He is a very situational hero. I think he fit well in that game. Basically, we gave the game away when we dove past the barracks to pressure them. If we’d just hit the barracks and let them run at us, then we would’ve won.

I won’t get a chance to come home for three months.

Why don’t you run carry Naga Siren? Last season OG won a lot with her?
Naga is a position 4 now. Radiance and illusions were nerfed, so she is not as effective anymore

Compare MISERY and Fly as captains.
It’s difficult. Fly is more of a “captain” kind of captain. His word must be the deciding one. MiSeRy always tries to listen to everyone, he is more lenient. Fly’s approach is closer to me, because it is more professional and structured. I like it that way.

Considering that the European qualifiers team setup doesn’t really change, who do you think is your biggest competition?
Team Liquid and Team Secret get invited to all events… I don’t even know who else is left. We had problems with The Final Tribe to some extent. It’s a new team made of former HoN players. The team of Mihai "canceL^^" Antonio also seems to play well, they even faced us in some qualifier finals. Team Kinguin and PENTA Sports are also strong guys.

EPICENTER XL and DAC 2018  will come right after Katowice. How do you even live with such a schedule?
It is really difficult, because you have no time to relax, go out with friends or your girlfriend. I haven’t seen my girlfriend for a month and a half now. You are constantly on an edge that you create for yourself. Day by day, you have qualifiers, after qualifiers, after qualifiers, then travel, events... It’s a very tough tempo this year.

You are constantly on an edge that you create for yourself.

Only the top 4 receive the QPs at Minors and Majors. But considering that Majors give a lot more points, don’t you think it would be best to give them to top 8 instead?
This system is designed in such a way, that if you enter this top 4 and win a few events, you guarantee yourself an invite to The International 2018. And these Minors… I think if you win five or six Minors then you can also guarantee and invite.

So the following Minor qualifiers will not be a priority for you?
A Major is always the priority, because the difference in points is too great.

Are you following the CIS roster shuffles? What do you think of the Lil/RodjER transfer?
Everyone was following it. It was a bit of a shock for me. It was just so sudden. I did hear some unhappiness about some players in though. I heard that the guys tried to help Lil to change his way. But it appears that he either refused to do it, or didn’t understand what he needed to do. As we can see, this change benefited VP, they are already in the finals. They might even win this Major. [VP did in fact win the Major at the end — Ed.]

What do you feel about Team Spirit changing their roster after the roster lock?
I didn’t understand that at all. They gained nothing with it, didn’t even find a player they wanted as a replacement. They just kicked Igor "iLTW" Filatov. They’ll have to play open qualifiers now, what was the point? Instead of all this, you could play the closed ones, try to fix your problems and try to qualify to TI. But now it’s open qualifiers. This is their decision though, I have no reason to judge them.

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