Patch 7.20 has landed, and it's bringing all sorts of goodies

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Patch 7.20 has landed, and it's bringing all sorts of goodies

Patch 7.20 is live and with it, we see new skins, a Champion rework, the usual slew of buffs and nerfs, but due to World's being on right now, the changes are minor, so the game we're playing still somewhat resembles what they're on.

In the teaser, we see some of the bigger changes for the new patch. First up, Evelynn is back in style, with a more nuanced role now than "major pain in the ass", as her last incarnation was known. Kind of like Kayn, she's seeing lower early impact, in favour of later scaling, but unlike Kayn, tanking doesn't appear to be an option for her. How that's going to work out, remains to be seen.

Also in this time around, is the long-awaited emote system, that allows you to take all the worst things from Twitch chat, and bring it into League of Legends. Just like you always wanted! Riot were kind enough to flesh it all out below:

Flair! All the flair!
Flair! All the flair!


Equip your emotes to your emote wheel in the Collections tab. The emote wheel has five slots, with two extra slots for emotes that will automatically flash at the start of the game and at the end of a win.


Use the emote wheel in game (bound to T by default)


“Mute Enemy Emotes” option added to the menu. You can also mute individual player’s emotes in-game using the scoreboard.


Champion Mastery emoting is becoming part of the emotes system, so muting emotes will also mute mastery emotes. Mastery emotes will also follow the spamming/breaking rules of emotes.


Everyone gets the Thumbs Up emote!


Expand your collection by purchasing emotes from the store’s Emotestab. There will be 25 emotes available at launch, but we’ll be continually adding more.

Dark Star Thresh is back in game mode rotation
Dark Star Thresh is back in game mode rotation

The Dark Star returns

Dark Star Singularity returns to the custom game mode rotation, seeing everyone try to pull each other into black holes, and on top of all that, there are also a handful of champions changes.

Ornn is getting flat buffs to his W damage and cast time on the headbutt on R.

Tahm Kench is seeing a HP increase, as well as more damage and less restrictive lock-out on his devour, after using Abyssal Voyage. The change should allow him to enter a fight and be ready for trouble much faster than before.

Karma is seeing an increase in cooldown reduction per enemy champion hit, and Brand is getting mana regeneration built into his passive, if he kills units afflicted by his Blaze.

Showing a bit of skin

To top it all off, the Super Galaxy skins are out, and while Annie steals the show (because we all knew, deep down, that it was Annie's turn to get a new skin) I will say that Elise has now received the first skin in her collection, that isn't worse than her default appearance.

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