peacemaker vs. TyLoo: both sides of the coin

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peacemaker vs. TyLoo: both sides of the coin

With Flash Gaming confirmed as the replacement for TyLoo at the ELEAGUE Major, it seems everything is cut and dry, finalised and locked away. Earlier today TyLoo published a statement on Chinese microblogging website, (English version), where they outlined the backstory, main reasons and chronological developments behind their subsequent forfeiting of the New Challengers slot. 

As a reminder, TyLoo was not able to participate at the January major in light of visa issues experienced by their star player, Hansel "BnTeT" Ferdinand. The young man was declined entry to the US, having applied both through the Indonesian and Chinese consulate after the conclusion of the Asia Minor 2017. Neither application was passed, and the team had missed the post-Minor roster adjustment window, which had a duration of 48 hours. In light of this development, TyLoo approached their former coach and the sole individual eligible to stand-in for the roster, Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu.

After an extensive back and forth, it initially seemed like the roster was locked in for participation, however it later emerged that indeed the team would be forfeiting their slot due to failed negotiations with Tadeu.

In their statement, TyLoo mentioned that peacemaker had backtracked on his participation at the Major after learning that he would not have his own sticker available for purchase in the in-game store. The alternative suggested by Tadeu was that the organisation compensated him with a salary, in addition to a player's sticker share, however TyLoo deemed this unacceptable, as half the earnings from sticker sales would be going to players as it were. The organisation stated that it had negotiated with peacemaker on several occasions, only to produce the same outcome. In light of the aforementioned, TyLoo approached the tournament organisers, ELEAGUE, explaining the situation, subsequently inquiring about the possibility of substitution. Unfortunately, as we learned later on, the ruleset in place made such a move impossible.

Whilst it is easy to point fingers at Tadeu in this situation, it also has to be said that he is under contract and fulfills a full-time coaching role with his current team, Heroic. Participating at the Major would have impacted not only his personal image, due to lack of preparation and consistent practice, but also the roster he is currently working with. As explained in the video below, Heroic are looking at a busy February, where they will be participating at various important qualifiers and the lack of their coach's presence could have a negative effect on the roster's performance come showtime.

In addition to the aforementioned, Tadeu paints a drastically different picture when it comes to describing the negotiating process. He claims that he was open to negotiations whilst TyLoo, in fact, held a grudge against the Brazilian, one that in the end-game led to the team missing the major.

Unsure what to think? Watch his explanation, and decide for yourself:

Ultimately, it seems that although peacemaker perhaps lacked some sporting goodwill when he failed to attend the Major, TyLoo could certainly have done more to negotiate an arrangement with the player to ensure his attendance - he is contracted to another team, after all.

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