PSG.LGD picks up Monster as a sponsor

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PSG.LGD picks up Monster as a sponsor
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According to a post on their websitePSG.LGD has signed a one-year sponsorship deal with Monster, becoming only the 2nd Chinese Dota 2 team to be sponsored by the energy drink manufacturer. 

The deal will mean that PSG.LGD will display the Monster Energy logo on their Dota 2 jerseys, starting immediately at The International 2018:

The PSG.LGD players will now display the Monster Energy logo on their kits throughout the DOTA2 competitions. Signed during the Paris Saint-Germain Summer Tour in Asia, this partnership occurs on the eve of the first participation of the club to The International, the world championships of Valve’s MOBA which will take place from 15th to 25th of August in Vancouver.

In the western scene, Monster is one of the more dominant forces, sponsoring teams like Evil GeniusesTeam LiquidFnatic, and Alliance. However, they have not had the same market penetration in China. Up until this announcement, they only sponsored one team — Vici Gaming. According to the statement released by PSG.LGD, this makes them a suitable candidate for sponsoring the team, as PSG is also working on breaking into the Chinese market:

Monster Energy and Paris Saint-Germain eSports share the same aspiration which is to establish lastingly on the eSports world stage and conquer the Asian market. It is the first ever sponsorship agreement concluded since the association between Paris Saint-Germain eSports and the Chinese organization LGD Gaming, back in February.

For many of the sponsors working with western teams, a strategic move towards China is the next logical step. With the organizations in the western scene having most of their sponsorship slots taken, China presents a huge potential market for the future.

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