Ghosts and flying motorcycles: our picks of the funniest PUBG bugs
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Ghosts and flying motorcycles: our picks of the funniest PUBG bugs

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The early access of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been over since Dec. 20, and the game has been updated four times already. However, it has barely become any more stable: bugs appear out of thin air. We have collected the funniest mistakes and shown the issues that could lead to a loss.

It’s fun

The server doesn’t always understand that players are in transport. Sometimes others see them as if they walk or even fly. The author of the video below suggested to the developers not solving the issue — that’s how a bulletproof pan appeared:

Motorcycles in PUBG are crazy. They explode without any reason and fly tens of meters away.

Motorcycles with trailers are extraphysical: they push cars away as if they were pieces of fluff.

Melee weapons are hilarious. The lead designer of PUBG Brendan Greene promised to rework axes, crowbars, and pans back in August. Nothing has changed yet: they still disobey their owner and deal damage every other time. A melee fight turns into a comedy because of that:

It gets in the way

Players started seeing pixel aim after the PUBG early access. Because of the bug it is difficult to shoot with collimator, crossbow, and an x2 scope.


On Reddit, people say that this bug results in two others. Textures blur during a parachute jump; it is impossible look through the blue zone.

The developers would ignore the complaints on the official forum. On Jan. 26, they finally added the aim bug to the list of issues to be resolved in the next patch. Update #4 from Feb. 1 didn’t change anything.

At least it looks futuristic
At least it looks futuristic

Players can look through the floor when they return to a match after crashing but it doesn’t happen in solo games for some reason. Sounds like an advantage, but the camera gets locked on a character’s feet after reconnecting. It is the same as with the pixel aim: PUBG corp. is aware of the bug but hasn’t fixed it yet.

A cross country car doesn’t go faster than 30 km/h. In other words, the buggy bugs. You run into this issue when you try to speed up, and it doesn’t go away until the character dies. You could ask a friend to drive, and the speed will be alright — but you can’t do this in a solo match.

A buggy could run over an opponent without touching him. Either the car’s hitbox is too large or there is an error in the network coding — PUBG Corp. hasn’t commented on this.

There are ghosts in the game. Or something of that sort: sometimes you can hear the steps of opponents although there is nobody nearby. Sounds are crucial in PUBG. A false signal could lead to a loss — especially in final circles.

You get an FPS drop in PUBG when someone hits you. The drop is significant — a player doesn’t even have the time to shoot back. It happens even to those who have a PC with a powerful video card and CPU. Some users have played hundreds of hours with the current PC configuration and only started having the bug.

There is a similar problem with grenades even if you are the one throwing them. Some users have not only a FPS drop but also sound issues.

The game incorrectly displays objects at long distance. For example, an x15 scope allows you to look through walls. Killing an enemy this way will be impossible though, but you could easily share the information with your attacking teammates. Worst of all, the bug gives an unfair advantage without requiring any special actions. An x15 scope isn’t banned from tournaments yet. It will be very upsetting if the bug occurs during February’s IEM Katowice 2018. Nobody is going to force players to pretend they haven’t seen anything, right?

Sometimes a player could be looking at a building in the distance and shooting an enemy— but not dealing any damage. The problem is that a sniper can’t see what another player is hiding behind inside. The worst part: a player sees it as if they have hit an opponent, but the server doesn’t score the shot. It can be critical if the enemy has a Level 3 helmet: you could think that they had survived because of it and still try to finish them.

You can check it

As we stated before, PUGB Corp. has its own list of bugs. There are few funny issues you can still have:

  • A character dies when trying to get past an obstacle
  • Motorcycles roll over for no reason
  • Two players get stuck in a door

These are harmless bugs that you could hardly die from randomly—on the other hand you could prank your friends and have fun. What else to do if the released PUBG version has more bugs than the early access?

original article by: Denis "Ethrealin" Matusovskiy

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