RAMZES666: "I dropped school in 2015 [...] I think I did the right thing"

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RAMZES666: "I dropped school in 2015 [...] I think I did the right thing"
Photo by: Virtus.pro

Virtus.pro carry Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev talked to Rusbase about his education including when he dropped school, his popularity, and shooting in the shampoo commercial. He also shared that he was surprised to be included into RBK’s “top-20 young innovators of the year”.


I dropped school in 2015 (from 9th grade). At the time I didn’t think I was risking something, I was living in the moment. I didn’t really care about what will happen the next day. I think I did the right thing. I want to get a higher education in the future, but right now it’s difficult to say what it could be.


I don’t know why RBK included me into “the top-20 of the young and most promising innovators”. I might even be first place there? I saw this news by accident somewhere on twitter. It’s nice but nothing more. [...] Nothing changed in my life after this. One time I was flying in a place and there was that RBK magazine with me on its cover. Stewardess noticed it and went: “Oh, but that’s you!”

Do I consider myself successful? Maybe in Dota, since I achieved something here. But I am a normal person. Everything depends on one’s mindset. Money could ruin some people, but not others.

The shampoo commercial

I don’t know why they chose me specifically for that ad. In any cast, I’m honored. [...] It took 21 hours, I got tired. The hardest part was working with extras. It’s uncomfortable when there are so many unknown people. There was a lot of takes. I think I had to comb my hair 40 or 30 times…

My mom called and congratulated me. My teammates don’t tease me with this. We live in the same house, my close family and friends knew about my shooting, nobody joked about it.

The RBK chose the young Virtus.pro carry RAMZES666 to stand alongside Darya Konstantinova (founder of the marketing analytics company Trmpln) as the "heroes of tomorrow" on its magazine cover back in May. Earlier this week, RAMZESS was chosen to be Head & Shoulders brand ambassador and was a start of its ad.


Disclosure: Both Cybersport.com and Virtus.pro are part of the same esports holding.

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