Resolut1on says he wants win a "a few" Majors as well as TI this year

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Resolut1on says he wants win a "a few" Majors as well as TI this year

Roman "Resolut1on" Fominok decided to stay with his former team as most of them left VGJ.Storm after The International 2018. The team continued showing a good form after TI as they managed to qualify for the first Major of the season. Just before Resolut1on left to join the team for a bootcamp ahead of ESL One Hamburg, later this month, he used some spare time to answer questions on his Instagram page. The questions were both related to Dota as well as his life outside of the game.

All questions below were translated by, and posted to, VPesports.

Dota-related questions

Q: What are your next goals?
A: For this season – to win a few of Majors, to win The International and I want to try to open my own restaurant in Kiev.

Q: What activity besides playing Dota boosts your skill and the game understanding?
A: Communication with the team. Discussing with my teammates about different moments from a game helps me understand more about Dota every time.

Q: Who was your idol in Dota?
A: Dendi. I watched him constantly. He was my idol, and basically, he still is.

Q: Name the top 3 CIS offlaners
A: Miposhka, 9pasha, Ghostik.

Personal questions

Q: If you could live a life not related to esports, what would you do?
A: If I had the money, I would go to study. And I would dedicate myself to the business field – I find it very interesting.

Q: How did you spend the money won at TI6?
A: I actually didn’t spend them. I paid the taxes in America (in many countries the law says you have to pay the taxes of the cash earned on their territory and USA is no exception to that). And very recently I bought a flat. Everything else you might have heard are lies.

Q: What motivates you in life?
A: Successful people who were not afraid and at one point took the risk to do what they liked, people who followed their dream.

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AMA's are always interesting due to the wide array of questions a subject is asked, and answers. Regular interviews are usually focused on 1-2 subjects, while AMA's touch on everything a subject wants to know. This interview definitely gave us more insight into who Resolut1on is, and we hope to be able to visit his restaurant next time we have the pleasure of visiting Kiev.

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