Riot seeking to build exclusive stadium for the LCK

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Riot seeking to build exclusive stadium for the LCK
Photo by: Fomos

According to InvenGlobal, talk is on the way in South Korea about building a stadium exclusively for the LCK. This would bring it in line with the EU and NA LCS, which also broadcast exclusively from studios when going live.

Aside from the announcement itself, no details are currently known about the project, but if true, it looks like Riot are consolidating their hold globally over the game. South Korea has been rather unique in esports, as the country that has always had their own leagues regardless of publisher. And they got away with it too, because they were simply better than everyone else.

It seems this is changing though, as it's likely that Riot would force casters to work for them directly if they were to build a studio. Not everyone is happy about this development though, as former LCK caster and League pariah Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykkles was quick to point out.

MonteCristo has been a vocal critic of Riot's control of its casters which has put him at odds with the studio, something that eventually led him to seek casting outside of Riots events.

A public announcement should take place Monday at 14:00 KST time. For now, Riot allegedly had the following statement to pre-empt the announcement.

“We’ve been thinking for a long time as to how we can provide the best environment and experiences to the world-class teams, players, fans, and other related parties, so that the LoL Champions Korea (LCK) can develop continuously. We would like to announce the result of that consideration.”

- Riot Games


The official announcement confirmed Sep. 13 as the opening day of the LCK stadium under the name of LoL PARK, Fomor reported. The arena will span over 1600 sqm. for players, fans and broadcasters. It will come in use for the 2019 season and Riot Games will lease the space until 2029.

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