Riot Games to return Nexus Blitz on Patch 8.24

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Riot Games to return Nexus Blitz on Patch 8.24
Image by: Riot Games

Riot Games have released several game modes to offer their player base an alternative to the regular Summoners’ Rift 5v5 experience. All Random All Mid remains a staple among players looking for a quick fix, but other game modes have mostly fallen to the wayside (remember Dominion and Twisted Treeline?).

However, the game’s recent experiment, Nexus Blitz, received noteworthy amounts of attention from the community despite still being in an early development phase, and Riot Games have decided to give it another shot after a round of polish.

Product Owner Michael “SpaceNorth” Chu had the following to note before addressing future Nexus Blitz changes:

There were some clear shortcomings in the mode that meant we didn’t end up seeing the sustained levels of engagement that would’ve moved Nexus Blitz directly into becoming a permanent feature. Fortunately, we’ve identified a few focus areas where we can make some significant improvements based on alpha feedback.

The map’s visuals are set to receive an upgrade — specifically the map’s edges (which look horrendous, by the way) and clarity improvements in areas where players spend a lot of time. As an added bonus, the map’s aesthetic will change, with a unique identity.

As for the gameplay parts that have sometimes overwhelmed players, Riot Games are set to introduce periods of low intensity to allow players to build items, and they will improve the intuitiveness of the events (so that new players know what is going on). Some new random events will be added (with others fading instead), and balance tweaks will continue.

However, Riot are not set on including a champion ban system yet, and they will not include a Ranked ladder until further notice.

Unfortunately, ranked is about as far in the opposite direction as a feature can go, relative to Nexus Blitz’s goal of being a fun-first, lower-stress mode. On the other hand, ranked isn’t the only way we can give you stuff to do across multiple games, and we’re looking into what we can pull together in time for test two.

Considering that we are on Patch 8.20 at the moment, there are four patches to go before the new rendition of “fast and fun” returns. Be sure to lookout for future patch developments (and more) by tuning in on our League of Legends hub!

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