Two Natus Vincere players have bailed from the WESG Finals

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Two Natus Vincere players have bailed from the WESG Finals
Photo from: s1mple

Update as of 20:43 - s1mple has reaffirmed his decision to not attend the WESG World Finals, saying "I couldn't go because of health, nervous system, pressure from 2 past weeks," in a statement. "This isn't tilt and not because we lost our last game," he continued.

Team Ukraine are no longer set to compete at the WESG World Finals, despite winning the European & CIS Regional Finals. This comes as a huge shock, even with Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostylev tweeting on March 9th that he'd "miss WESG" due to having "personal issues".

Vladislav "bondik" Nеchуроrchuk took to Twitter to confirm that while they "fought till the end" to make it to the Finals, they won't be competing in China. So, what's the reasoning for their withdrawal? s1mple decided he'd rather stay at home following Natus Vincere's loss to GODSENT in the ECS Season 5 Europe Challenger Cup, if the tweet below is to be believed.

The WESG Finals are due to commence on Tuesday, with Ukraine previously being scheduled to play Bravado, Team Envy, and Viva Algeria in Group E.

Egor "flamie" Vasilyev, s1mple's teammate on Natus Vincere, is also set to miss the Finals, where he was set to represent Team Russia after finishing in the Top 12 at the European & CIS Finals. Denis "seized" Kostin, who acts as the captain of the team, revealed that "last night, flamie said that he will not fly to China," in a post on VK.

As of now, it's not clear how Team Russia will recover from losing a player should flamie genuinely decide to not compete at the event. However, the above tweet states that "both teams have no time to find a replacement and make visas," so things aren't looking good for the squad. Should they still complete, Russia would be competing in Group D against BIG, New4, and SK Gaming.

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