s4 at TI7: "I've always wanted to play these mid heroes, like Puck"
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s4 at TI7: "I've always wanted to play these mid heroes, like Puck"

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We caught up with OG's Gustav "s4" Magnusson on day zero of TI7 to talk about the offlane and his infatuation with heroes that don't belong there.

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You've been playing the offlane since you switched after TI6. That was back in 6.88 and its iterations until the Boston major. You kind of played the traditional offlane, back before shrines were a thing. Then, with the advent of shrines in 7.0, how do you feel about the offlane, did the role become more fun for you, being able to play a hero that's not like a Clockwerk, something a little different?
I've always wanted to play all these mid heroes, like Puck and stuff. When the shrines came, it became pretty simple to play offlane, you just by a PMS, run to the lane, harass and then go back to shrine.

For me, it wasn't that interesting with the shrines but of course I adjusted.

So you liked it more when the role was more difficult?
Yeah, but then they just nerfed the offlane so it became more difficult again.

How have you felt about the changes to the mid-lane since, because it's gotten a bit of a rework. Creeps in lane are now worth more than ever. Do you like the changes?
Haha, I wish more creeps came to my lane, but you can see in a lot of midlaners that their experience is higher than other lanes, so you have to be careful about that. At the same time, if I can connect a gank and there's a high level mid hero it's a lot of value. You have to think about it in more ways than just the basic one.

What has been your opinion on Puck so far this tournament? The hero looks very strong right now, because teams are playing very fast. Puck has been played on positions 2, 3 and even 4.
I think the hero is good. He's not as good as support because he needs a lot of levels, he needs level 13 for his Phase Shift level but yeah, he's very versatile if you play him offlane and mid. It's easy to open a draft with him, he has a catch, he has silence, he can push waves fast.

Is there an offlane hero you want to play but Fly won't let you?
It used to be Magnus, but he did pick it now in the group stage so I was quite happy about it.

Do you think the hero is still good? Because nobody nerfed Magnus, people just though he was figured out and stopped picking him. Will someone just bust out Magnus/Lifestealer and surprise everyone?
Well, he did get a little bit nerfed, Empower's mana cost is quite high now so you have to have mana regen, which you didn't need before. Before you could just buy Blink and Force Staff and you're good. So he's a bit weak in that department but all his spells are still good and that's what matters so he's still strong.

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