Standings barely budge as CLG, DIG, and IMT continue to top the standings after week 3 in the NA LCS

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Standings barely budge as CLG, DIG, and IMT continue to top the standings after week 3 in the NA LCS

After the end of week 3 for the North American League Championship Series, the top teams remain at the top as the bottom teams remain at the bottom. Counter Logic Gaming, Team Dignitas, and Immortals all remain at the top of the standings with 5-1 records. Team Solomid climbs to 4th with a 2-0 week. Team Envy, Echo Fox, and Cloud9 all share 5th place at parity with 3-3 records. Flyquest and Team Liquid continue to slump with 0-2 weeks to share 8th place. Phoenix1 continues to look for their first win at 10th place in the standings.

The tale of two junglers - Xmithie and Dardoch

In the offseason, Counter Logic Gaming and Immortals had a blockbuster trade that had Jake "Xmithie" Puchero going to Immortals and Josh "Dardoch" Hartnett going to CLG. The spring split was a tale of woe for the two teams. CLG had a rough start to the split adjusting to a meta that shifted away from play-making supports and carry marksmen. After managing to make the playoffs, the long-tenured team managed to get reverse swept by Flyquest in the playoffs in a huge upset to finish the season in 5th-6th place. Immortals had a roller coaster ride of a split with the team failing to find its identity outside of relying on an inconsistent Dardoch to win games. The team bounced around the edge of the top 6 until they slipped into 7th place in the last weeks to barely fall out of playoff contention.

The two teams clearly needed change, but I don't think anyone was prepared for the early success the teams have had in the beginning of this split. Fans and analysts thought that CLG would take time to reign in the emotional Dardoch and that Immortals lost their carry in exchange for an underperforming jungler. The two teams have shown poise in the face of tough competition so far and don't look like they will be dropping out of the top ranks any time soon.

Jensen needs some help from his teammates on Cloud9

source: Riot Games

Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen's this split strong leading every statistical category for mid laners in the NA LCS outside of win percentage. The man has had quite the LCS career thus far outshining Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg in the past few splits. Cloud9, however, are still 3-3 on the season in 5th place. The team started off 0-2 and have been finding their footing ever since Jung "Impact" Eon-yeong has been back with them for their regular scrimmage schedule.

This week was a great chance for fans to gauge how well the team is improving from their first week. In the 1-1 week, Cloud9 looked solid in their 2-0 win over Flyquest and decent in their 1-2 loss to Immortals. Immortals looks like they are at the top of their game after beating TSM and now C9. Although C9 lost their match to Immortals, it felt more like a great series against two strong teams rather than Immortals dominating an inferior Cloud9. The series ended with a scrappy 50 minute game that tipped in Immortals' favor after a well-orchestrated Elder Drake fight.

Looking ahead

This week featured Team Envy's fall from grace with the rest of the league frozen in place. Next week features the marquee match up between Counter Logic Gaming and Immortals to prove who the true number one team is in the NA LCS. Although the league seems to have inverted with Team Solomid and Cloud9 out of the top 3, fans should keep a watchful eye for the two teams to slowly creep their way back into the upper echelons of the NA standings

source header image: Riot Games

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