syndereN officially confirms his new team

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syndereN officially confirms his new team
Image credit: DreamHack | Felix Frank

The first European open qualifier for the Kuala Lumpur major saw Troels "syndereN" Nielsen and his stack make it all the way to the quarterfinals where they lost to Burden United. It was at that point not known if this was simply a stack of teamless players or a proper team. Today syndereN tweeted out a picture from the Dota 2 major's registration portal that indicates that they are now a team.

The team will go by the name of "Happy guys" and have representatives from all around the EMEA and CIS region. syndereN will take up the 5th position support role and will also captain the team. Ex-Team Spirit player Ilya "Illidan" Pivcaev will take on the safelane carry role and Ukrainian pubstar Kzar will handle the midlane.

Happy Guys 2018/2019 roster:
— Pos 1: Ilya "Illidan" Pivcaev
— Pos 2: Kzar
— Pos 3: Riki "Buugi" Fält
— Pos 4: Mohammad "AfrOmoush" Abu Al Eis
— Pos 5: Troels "syndereN" Nielsen

One thing the two latest TI champions have in common is the fact that they've both had Finns on their rosters. Lasse "MATUMBAMAN" Urpalainen on Team Liquid won TI7 while Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka and Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen won TI8 with OG. It seems like syndereN wants to test this theory as he enlisted the help of Finnish offlaner Riki "Buugi" Fält

The most exciting player on the team is Mohammad "AfrOmoush" Abu Al Eis. The Jordanian support player has been named one of the players to watch for a breakout this year by Kyle "Kyle" Friedman. He's a countryman of Amer "Miracle-" al-Barqawi and Yazied "YapzOr" Jaradat, so he has big shoes to fill.

The team did make the the quarterfinals or the first EU qualifier for the KL major — as we previously mentioned — and it's hard to say how far this team can go this season. syndereN is a renowned captain but his last few squads haven't worked out. This team has a lot of promise with two young, still unknown, players. So if syndereN can foster Kzar and Afromoush right, this team could have a bigger impact than any other of syndereN's teams in recent times.

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