Team Liquid look cool, calm, and collected in huge stomp over eUnited

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Team Liquid look cool, calm, and collected in huge stomp over eUnited

Just about 15 player acquisitions later and Team Liquid finally look like a solid team. Even if eUnited was their North American Challenger Series competition, the newly put together roster looked solid in their decisive 3-0 win over eUnited.

In game 1, eUnited stay at parity with Team Liquid for the first 20 minutes with Son “Mickey” Young-min having a 40 CS (creep score) lead in the mid lane. A 4 kill teamfight in Team Liquid’s favor at the 27 minute mark just solidified the victory for TL’s quick 1-0 lead. In game 2, an expertly orchestrated tower dive in the bottom lane gave Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin a huge gold lead to snowball with on Tristana. By 13 minutes, he was roughly 1,000 gold ahead of Matthew “Deftly” Chen and took his lead with him to early game skirmishes for an easy game 2 victory. Mickey and Piglet roll their Disney antics into game 3 with quick solo kills in each of their lanes. Their lane dominance gave the team a 3,000 gold lead 10 minutes into the game. eUnited had no choice but to roll over and let Team Liquid take the series 3-0.

What was surprising about the quick series was how well Team Liquid played together as a team. Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett had just come back to the team after yet another failed team experiment. For how little the team played together their communication looked crisp and their execution was on point. It was almost like Dardoch resumed where he’d left off with his Team Liquid pals and Mickey just did what Kim “Fenix” Jae-hun provided for the team back when they finished the regular season split in 1st place just a couple years ago.

With the victory, Team Liquid face their NA LCS counterpart, Phoenix1, on Saturday to decide who gets reinstated in the LCS. eUnited face off against Gold Coin United on Saturday to see who still has a shot to get into the LCS and who will be heading back on that NA Challenger Series grind.

source header image: Riot Games

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