Thank mr wunder: community reacts to 2018 Worlds Day 4

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Thank mr wunder: community reacts to 2018 Worlds Day 4
Image by Riot Games

The 2018 League of Legends World Championship entered its fourth day of action, and it had some of the most thrilling games to date in store — especially for European fans.

Afreeca Freecs score their first win vs. Phong Vũ Buffalo

The day started off on a strong note for Afreeca Freecs, as Mowgli — in his Worlds debut — cleared his entire side of the jungle then flashed over Dragon pit on the blue side and slew the dragon, undetected by Phong Vũ Buffalo. This was, of course, met with jaw drops.

The play ultimately contributed to Afreeca's victory against Phong Vu, and it set the tone for something even crazier:

G2 Esports' Wunder beats Flash Wolves with a European special

Splyce's assistant coach, MacC, was quick to notice a cheeky line from North American caster Clayton "CaptainFlowers" Raines. We aren't sure how many noticed the original name for the "Tanks and Betty" composition Flash Wolves went for:

However, everyone noticed when G2 started taking off with their 1-3-1 split push composition, completely avoiding team fights.

The situation ultimately culminated in a way European teams know and love: the backdoor.

I mean, even ocelote, the man that endured the most soul-crushing backdoor known to man during his playing career, had to chime in.

The win also marked a milestone for PerkZ, who had won three games overall in previous World Championship appearances. Clearly, this is his year, not Nukeduck, nor Uzi's.

100 Thieves lost vs. Invictus Gaming

The North American community may have noticed something was off with AnDa's picture, with fellow North American jungler Contractz taking particular note of the event.

That picture might have been the prelude to 100 Thieves' mood as, despite AnDa's spider senses heavily contributing to securing a significant early-game advantage, Invictus Gaming turned the game on its head in a sub 21-minute finish. FC Schalke 04 Esports' manager was particularly pained at the matter.

Fnatic’s Broxah styles on G-Rex

Bwipo made his debut for Fnatic against G-Rex, and he predictably received attention from the opposing team's jungler. However, G-Rex's towerdive was questionable, to say the least, with Fnatic netting a quick kill instead.

The rest of the game was all Broxah, as his Lee Sin snowballed out of control and, in a rare occurrence, he became Fnatic's carry. The community went from thinking about "thank mr Wunder" for backdoor powers to the following — with Bwipo's endorsement:

Overall, Day 4 was a great day to be a European LCS fan, with G2 and Fnatic scoring wins to capture favorable spots heading into the four final days of the group stage:

Team Liquid's slow grinding victory vs. MAD Team

North American reactions were missing once again, but it was not due to the manner Team Liquid proceeded to beat MAD Team in a decisive yet sluggish victory which, according to VandeR, has potential as a visual lullaby:

Team Liquid's victory had coincided with an even bigger discussion created by former professional jungler IWillDominate, which has its own article.

KT Rolster beats EDward Gaming handily

LCK shoutcaster Chris "PapaSmithy" Smith may have incited behavior most foul for a KT Rolster fan: excitement. Western KT fans have been molded by disappointment as they were previously excited. Here is a reminder of a cardinal rule for KT fans by MonteCristo:

Even then, one player dared to suggest they would win Worlds, forgetting about other teams that had an equally legitimate claim:

There will certainly be more reactions on Oct. 14 as Group B reaches its term, and as Team Vitality and Cloud9 seek to eliminate Gen.G during the group stage, with the three of them fighting over the second spot. You can watch the action live starting 1 a.m. PT / 10:00 CET / 17:00 KST live on the Worlds hub!

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