The International 2017 - Immortal Treasure II finally out!

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The International 2017 - Immortal Treasure II finally out!

After a long wait, the Immortal Treasure II is finally released! It features many very cool new items.

- Chaos Fulcrum: Chaos Knight
- Stuntwood Sanctuary: Treant Protector
- Wyrmwrought Flame: Lina
- Scavenging Guttleslug: Pudge
- Maw of Eztzhok: Bloodseeker
- Bellows of Creation: Elder Titan
- Wings of Daybreak: Keeper of the Light
- Sullen Harvest: Necrophos

There is also the coveted Golden Treasure, which looks really cool, which is the other Immortals, redone in shiny gold.

The treasures in Immortal Treasure II

According to the patch notes:

"The Golden Treasure Contains the following items. This treasure also follows the same rules as the default treasures where you will not get repeats until you've gained all the items in the treasure.

The first item you always get will be Chaos Knight, followed by Pudge and then followed by Lina.

- Golden Chaos Fulcrum: Chaos Knight
- Golden Scavenging Guttleslug: Pudge
- Golden Wyrmwrough Flame: Lina"

If you're looking for more from Immortal Treasure II, you have many opportunities to get them, getting them at level 1, 98, 113, 140, 152, 220 and repeats every 30 levels. Same as Immortal Treasure I, it has limited marketability and cannot be traded or marketed through The International 2018, and has limitations on gifting and trading.

This set looks absolutely amazing and is some of Valve's best work yet. However, it's a little disappointing that many of the same heroes are getting more Immortals while many are without. While Lina is ultra marketable, it would be cool to see a wider variety of Immortals. Maybe Immortal Treasure III will bring more diversity to the Immortal item pool.

source header image: Valve Software

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